TOP 6 Construction Company in UK

TOP 6 Construction Companies in the UK

Pieter Zhang
Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.


To familiarize you with the latest players in the industry, here is a list of the top 6 construction companies in the UK. The information is compiled on the basis of information from various online sources. 

Before proceeding further, you must know that Covid has impacted the construction sector in the UK. The most impacted sector is the commercial and residential sector. While the infrastructure construction sector is still gaining colossal progress. According to market analysis and research, the construction sector in the UK will grow at a rate of 8.5%. It will help to reach the industry to 236.8 billion by 2024. The residential construction sector and commercial sector will grow at a rate of 2.9% and 7.6%, respectively. 

Overall, the success of the construction industry of any country depends hugely on its top-performing companies. So, let’s explore the best construction companies in the UK now!


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1、Mace Group Ltd



You must know that Mace professionals have been building and innovating for over 30 years. The 2026 business strategy of Mace carries a plan for the next five years. It is interesting to note that they see every opportunity as a challenge. This is what helps them to grow with greater progress.

While redefining the boundaries of ambition, they consider it their promise, purpose, and legacy. According to the mace experts, the only limits are those that one believes. Mace professionals are global experts in shaping buildings. This is how they are helping the world to achieve more sustainable, resilient, and connected buildings.


From skylines to vital structures, mace has developed and constructed amazing projects. Here are some most famous projects of Mace:

  • Peru Reconstruction with changes
  • IKEA Pasay City
  • Keflavik Airport
  • Microsoft Retail
  • One Zaabeel 
  • University College London – Student Centre
  • Expo 2020
  • 4 Lindsay Street


2、Balfour Beatty Plc



Balfour beauty is a leading international infrastructure group. They are making efforts to transform the construction industry to meet future challenges. The interesting part of knowing about them is that they have experience of more than 10 decades. You must know that the company came into being in the year 1909. 

Balfour beauty mostly aims to build iconic structures, behind-the-scenes innovation, and bold engineering feats. You must know that Balfour beauty is a limited public company that is registered in England. They have 24,500 employees worldwide, with main geographies Hong Kong, the US, and the UK. 

The best part is that they also provide support services such as management, upgradation, and maintenance.

  • Funicular viaduct strengthening Cairngorm
  • A63 castle street scheme, Hull
  • M60 Palatine road bridge project, Manchester
  • Stockingfield bridge, Glasgow


3、Kier Group Plc



Kier is another construction firm in the UK that aims for sustainable construction. They are leading construction services, infrastructure building, and property development providers. Kier was founded in 1928, since then, they have made a name in the construction industry.

The interesting part of knowing is that they have over 8000 employees and work with 200+ suppliers. In 2020, they launched their sustainability framework, Building for a Sustainable World. Since they are aiming for sustainable development, Kier professionals have the following goals:

  • 5 Billion social value target by 2030
  • Reduction of carbon emissions by up to 65% by 2030
  • Elimination of avoidable waste by 2035
  • Here are some projects delivered by Kier:
  • Royal Brompton Hospital Diagnostic Centre
  • ST Sidwells Point Leisure Centre
  • Greenwood Centre, and many others.


4、Murphy Group



With more than 70 years of experience, Murphy is a leading global specialist in construction and engineering. It was initiated in 1951 and is now serving in Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The best part to know is that Murphy has 3500 employees, including Engineers, professional managers, and skilled operatives. 

With seven decades of experience, they specialize in water, transportation, power, construction & property, and natural resources. The interesting part to know is that they also deal with gas and electricity issues. You can see at the bottom of their website that they have given an emergency help number. 

Just like other construction firms in the UK, Murphy also carries a successful collection of projects. These projects are listed below:

  • Erskine Bridge Pipeline Replacement
  • Institute of Physics. 
  • Woodmansterne to Purley 450 diameter pipe.
  • Hornsea Cable installation 
  • Paul street, and many others.


5、Carey Group



More than 50 years ago, three brothers began building a legacy. And this is when the Careys construction firm came into being. The best part to know is that they are always true to their core values. Their vision is to be the most socially responsible and trusted company people love to work with. 

They give services like digital and construction engineering, Remediation and enabling, Demolition, cutting, and carving facade retention. Apart from that, there are so many other services that you can find on their website. But let’s explore the collection of successful projects by Careys.

  • 22 Bishopsgate
  • Tottenhum Hotspur Stadium
  • V&A Dundee
  • Audley Square Redevelopment
  • Woodsmith Mine, and many other projects. 


6、McLaughlin & Harvey



Finally, we are exploring McLaughlin & Harvey. This company has more than 170 years of experience. Moreover, McLaughlin & Harvey is a privately owned construction and civil engineering company. They operate through Ireland and the United Kingdom to provide quality construction, fit-out projects, civil engineering, and facilities management services. 

The fun part to know is that McLaughlin and Harvey met on a construction site in 1850. It was in 1853 when both decided to form a company, McLaughlin & Harvey. And it was in 1875 that they completed their first hospital projects. From that onwards, the company kept making progress. They did 345 projects, and Here is a list of some successful projects. 

  • Deep Water Terminal, Stornoway
  • The Old Brewery, Bristol
  • Barking Riverside Pier, London
  • Heart of the City, Sheffield, and more projects are listed on their website.