freestanding temporary edge protection

APAC provides people with protection from rooftop hazards by installing a safety guardrail. People who are required to access and work on flat roofs benefit from the system by providing a collective measure of personal protection.

APAC’s Freestanding Edge Protection systems provide roof protection without piercing the roof surface with their proven counterbalance design, which means they can be moved and changed to suit the needs of the space.

In the field of rooftop fall protection, APAC’s Freestanding Edge Protection systems have a wide variety of rooftop guardrail solutions.

dIFFERENT KINDS OF freestanding edge protection systems

Aluminum freestanding guardrail system

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countweight guardrail system

The counterweight, the system is lightweight, fast and easy to install, eliminates the need for fixed penetrative rail, and can be used on all roof surfaces.

Freestanding Guardrail System

 Compared with the vertical design, the curved handrail design can be better hidden from sight from downstairs.

steel freestanding guardrail system

Topfix roof guardrail system

A Topfix roof guardrail system can protect metal profiles and standing seam roofs. It can also be used in sloped roofs and flat roofs.

permanent roof edge protection system

Freestanding Guardrail System

This sloping design guardrail system can be used on any flat platform. The design also visually reduces the possibility of seeing it from below, adding aesthetics to the building.

steel with powder-coated freestanding guardrail system

Figure 2 - Portable Guardrail System


A portable guardrail system is designed to be compact and lightweight, and it can be transported easily. It can also be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

Figure 1 - Guardrail System

portable roof guardrail system

The surface powder-coated  treatment makes it more weather-resistant and has a longer service life.

features of freestanding edge protection systems

TModular Design

Modifications can easily be made on-site (before or after installation) to the fall protection system.

Multi-Roof Suitability

Surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, PVC, membranes, and felt roofing can be fitted without piercing them.


It protects against passive falls without penetrating roofing materials.

Compliant with OSHA

Guardrail meets or exceeds OSHA Standard 1910.29(b)(3) and 1926.502(b)(3).

Multiple Color Options

You can choose from a wide variety of powder-coated RAL colors to suit your building's aesthetics.

Corrosion Resistant

It outlasts standard galvanized pipes 4:1 when exposed to salt spray and fittings are galvanized inside and out.

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At APAC, our primary focus is on ensuring safety at elevated heights. We specialize in offering comprehensive fall protection systems and access solutions throughout the country. Our expertise lies in providing customized solutions to address even the most intricate height safety challenges.

To explore our complete range of offerings and discover how we can help enhance safety at your worksite, we invite you to download our latest catalog. Stay proactive in mitigating rooftop hazards by accessing our valuable resources.

For any further assistance or to discuss your unique safety requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


Design and Engineering: The first step is to design the freestanding guardrail system. This involves creating detailed engineering drawings and specifications based on safety regulations and requirements.

Material Selection: Choose the appropriate materials for constructing the guardrail system. Typically, this includes sturdy metals such as steel or aluminum for the posts, rails, and base plates. The materials should be durable and able to withstand outdoor conditions.

Fabrication: Cut, shape, and assemble the metal components according to the design specifications. This may involve welding, drilling, and other fabrication techniques to create the necessary framework.

Surface Treatment: Apply surface treatments to enhance the durability and longevity of the guardrail system. This can include processes like galvanizing, powder coating, or painting to protect against corrosion and weather damage.

Quality Control: Conduct thorough quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each component meets the required standards and specifications. This may involve visual inspections, strength testing, and dimensional checks.

Applications freestanding edge protection systems

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