Reliable 5 Scaffolding Companies In the UK

Reliable 5 Scaffolding Companies In the UK

Pieter Zhang
Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.


When it comes to construction and renovation projects in the UK, ensuring the safety of workers at elevated heights is of paramount importance. This is where reliable scaffolding companies step in. Hence, providing sturdy frameworks that allow workers to carry out their tasks securely. In this blog, we’ll explore six reputable scaffolding companies in the UK. They have earned their stripes in the industry.

These companies have proven track records. Therefore, delivering scaffolding solutions that range from simple renovations to complex construction sites. Their expertise is crucial for creating a stable and secure environment for workers. Hence, enabling them to access different levels of a building safely.

From Lyndon SGB to TRAD Scaffold, each company brings its unique strengths and approaches to the table. Whether it’s commercial buildings, residential complexes, or infrastructure projects, these scaffolding companies play a vital role in shaping the UK skyline.

In the following sections, we will delve into the brief introductions of each of these companies, exploring their backgrounds and notable projects. So, let’s embark on a journey to discover reliable scaffolding partners in the UK.

1、Lyndon SGB



In 2019, Lyndon Scaffolding joined forces with SGB to become “Lyndon SGB by BrandSafway.” This move made them part of the biggest access brand worldwide. If we look back at Lyndon SGB’s history, we can understand why they’re successful today. Their main goal is to offer the best temporary access possible.

Let’s learn a bit about Lyndon SGB’s origins. The two founders, Tommy and Paddy Lynch, started Lyndon Scaffolding in 1968. Both were scaffolders for a long time, so they truly knew how to run a successful scaffolding business. It stayed a family-run company until 2018.

SGB was founded in 1919 by Daniel Palmer-Jones and was known as “Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB).” They introduced a product called the ‘Universal Coupler,’ which is still used in scaffolding today. SGB was always innovative and became a respected name in the construction industry.

This company is a global leader in providing access solutions, special services, and solutions for building and supporting structures in various industries.

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  2. Complex Temporary Roofing Structures for Manchester City Council and Lend lease’s
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  5. Many more…

2、Brogan Group



James Brogan, the company’s founder, started in scaffolding during a summer job and grew to love the outdoor work and its earning potential. After six years with other firms, he launched his own. It began as a small team of high achievers who shared a vision of outperforming and gaining rewards.

The finest workers were chosen from this circle, and around 50 friends and colleagues from prior jobs joined the initial team. Having collaborated for years, these core members evolved into Brogan Group’s current leaders. The company did something groundbreaking in construction: it formed a knowledgeable crew of skilled and diligent scaffolders.

This innovation brought a specialized scaffolding supplier with reliable gear, smart issue-solving, and a dedicated, motivated staff. It was a new approach back then.

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3、Skill Scaffolding



Established in 1992 by Paul Skilton, Skill had a single scaffolding team at the start. Today, we’ve grown with more than 30 teams erecting scaffolding and our Rhino Deck safety system.

Now a leading private scaffolding company on the south coast, Skill Scaffolding is guided by four Directors who all began their journey here. Alan Skilton leads the way, following his father’s path, Paul.

Backing the Directors are three Operations Managers who oversee daily work, along with Quality Control, Health & Safety, Fleet & Logistics, and Business Development Managers.

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4、RBS Scaffolding LTD



RBS ensures top quality and safety with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications. All tasks have safety plans, and their team stays updated in both scaffolding and industry matters. They’re part of NASC, a major UK access and scaffolding trade group with 230+ members. UKAS certifies their competence and integrity, and they’re in Achilles BuildingConfidence, uniting buyers and compliant suppliers in UK Construction.

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  4. Industrial Scaffolding Experts

5、TRAD Scaffold



They operate a distinctive company, which has been shaped over five decades through clever ideas, hard work, and professionalism. Hence, making it one of the biggest and most respected scaffold groups in the UK. Each day, they push themselves to do their best, to act honestly, and to amaze their clients with the most skillful, safest, and efficient service they can offer.


Diversity is a major strength for them; some sectors are often busier, so relying too much on one area isn’t smart business. Their staff and clients are their top assets. They keep investing in their team. Hence, allowing them to expand their customer group by providing excellent service with strong equipment.


For them, as TRAD, the goal is to strengthen their position. After a significant reorganization, they aim to use this as a base for more growth. It’s all about growing naturally, yet they’re open to acquiring other businesses that match their values and goals. With the bigger Altrad Group backing them, and getting even stronger, TRAD is in a great position to build on its already impressive reputation and ensure constant customer happiness.

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