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Who We Are

One-stop Solution
for worksite safety

Established in 2014, APAC was founded to provide a one-stop solution for worksite safety products, such as scaffolding, edge protection system, fall protection, temporary roof, construction fence, and safety gears, to reduce customer costs and expand the business.

We have shipped thousands of containers of high-quality products from China over the past few years, and we are really proud to be the supplier to the world’s top 50 construction companies, such as GS ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.

APAC will be your NO. 1 supplier of worksite safety products in China.

what the founder say

BE Your Worksite Safety Expert

APAC, more than worksite safety products – is your expert partner. Ensuring your project runs smoothly and supporting you in every way possible.

What is the fundamental factor to a safe construction site?
Quality product, reliable suppliers, and standard operation.
It seems very easy to find Chinese supplies such as sourcing from google, trading platform, or visiting trading shows.
However, it’s very hard for you to identify if the supplier is reliable, because of the language barriers and different rules.
You will never know if he can offer the most competitive price and conform to your standards. You have no idea if he can deliver bulk orders of the same quality as samples.
Improper or substandard products can lead to injuries during work.
If this happens, you may face a very bad situation and expensive lawsuits.
So what if there is a trustworthy company be your partner, offer you the solutions, monitor productions, check quality and ship products, and help you create a safe worksite?
That’s what we have been doing all the time since 2014.

Pieter Zhang


Our Service

How we can help you to create a safer worksite

You can firstly start with the free consulting service.
Just send us an inquiry about what worksite safety products you want.
Then our consultant will get your quotes, prepare samples, and ship you all samples.
If you want to customize them privately, you can use our pro plan, which includes our most valuable services.

Our dedicated engineer will coordinate with you, designing with your requirements.
Our experienced mechanical staff will follow up the manufacturing, from raw material procurement to finished product inspection, to ensure products are made according to your demands.
Even if you just order small quantities, we also help you choose the most cost-effective shipping solutions to deliver products to your door. 

You will also get the newest & hottest products by downloading APAC’s report for Free.
We bring 10 years of professional knowledge to your project, ensuring that it runs smoothly and supporting you in every way possible.
So what are you waiting for?
Contact us today and get your project started immediately.


We cooperate with the project manager to create a safe worksite. We identify situations where there might be a risk of falling, and solutions are then specified at the design stage.


We are close to our customers. That means that your ideas and requirements quickly can be turned into prototypes that can be 3D demoed, tested, and evaluated both in our facility.


Based on the ISO9001 Quality Management System, our professional team strictly controls every procedure, to ensure the high quality of products for our customers.

APAC Builders Equipment

Contact us to find out more about worksite safety products and various ways to make your construction site safer.
Our experienced technical engineers are ready to answer all your questions and help set up your construction site quickly with high safety standards.

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