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Top China - Based Supplier of worksite safety products

APAC has many years of exporting excellence and has built up a strong team of technical engineers, experienced workers, quality inspectors, consultant team and managers.
We are proud to be part of the global worksite safety products suppliers, which reflects our values and stimulates us to put them into practice through collaboration and teamwork across the company, providing clients with the best possible products and services.
We care about our worksite safety products, our reputation, and we care about you.
To help your find out about the facts behind pages, We are always happy to show you video gallery about our company at any stage of the communication process.
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aluminium beam clamp edge protection system
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APAC Basics | our solutions

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Edge Protection System Assemble Guide
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How to Erect a Scaffold Tower

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How to Powder Coat mesh barriers

Play Video about Temporary fence welding process
Temporary fence welding process
Play Video about APAC Keder roof Sheet manufacturing

APAC Keder Roof Sheet Manufacturing

keder roof Automatic Laser cutting
Play Video about keder roof Automatic Laser cutting

Keder roof Automatic Laser cutting

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APAC h20 beam produce process

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APAC Fire Retardant PVC Mesh Sheet

APAC provides worksite safety products for a range of large projects, such as scaffolding, edge protection systems, fall protection, temporary roof, construction fence, and safety gears, working with partner clients and distributors across the world.
So, if you’re looking for a reliable supplier, why not get in touch with us?
Whether you buy, or need consultant services to keep your project moving, we can provide the products, services, and logistics you need without delay.
By simply giving us a call or leaving a message, you can receive your free, no-obligation quote and get started. 


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