edge protection for CONCRETE SLAB EDGES

With the improvement of construction safety laws, more attention has been paid to the safety of construction workers during construction. Compared with the traditional guardrail systems, the mesh barrier design of the edge protection system makes it more secure. During construction, it helps to protect workers’ safety as well as prevent debris from falling.

A concrete edge protection system can be specified in a variety of ways. Among them are bolt-down systems, slab grab systems, edge bracket systems, and stairway systems. Based on the site’s characteristics, it is necessary to use a particular system.

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Different Concrete Edge Protection Solutions:

bolt-down systems and slab grab system for concrete slab edges

Safege Bolt Down Edge Protection System

Safedge Bolt Down Edge Protection system is combined with a socket base, a safedge post and a safedge mesh barrier.

TG Bolt Down System Edge Protection System

TG Bolt Down Edge Protection System is combined with TG Feet, TG posts, and a TG mesh barrier. The TG FOOT is anchored to the top of the slab.

Slab Grab Edge Protection System

The slab clamp is the attachment which can be clamped to the slab edge, and is capable of being used both horizontally and vertically.

edge bracket systems for concrete slab edges

Edge Bracket Edge Protection System

An excellent concrete bracket edge protection solution for erecting barrier systems on precast concrete slab edges,timer cassette edge or pre-cast stair stringer.

TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection System

The TG Slab Edge Bracket Protection System offers a method of attachment to any suitable vertical surface, connecting with TG post and TG mesh barrier.

Stairway systems for concrete slab edges


The new staircase solution provides a cost-effective way of constructing proprietary staircase handrails in half the time of more traditional methods.


During the construction phase, stairs are very common walking surfaces on construction sites. the APAC socket base stairway edge protection system protects workers when they are using stairs.


Fully versatile with our stair barrier system, this system ensures that safety is not compromised in hazardous stair environments.

FULL HEIGHT SOLUTION for concrete slab edges

compression post

Compression posts are most suitable for sites with high wind loads. Compression posts can be installed. There is no need to worry about the height of the top. The inner tube can be extended to the ceiling with an extensible inner tube.

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3D Displays About Concrete Edge Protection systems

Applications for concrete edge protection systems

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APAC engaged in edge protection systems since the year 2014, our edge protection system is suitable for concrete structures, steel structures, frame structures, formwork, stairway, etc.

All the APAC edge protection systems strictly conform to EN 13374, Class A, Class B, AS/NZS 4994, AS/NZS 1170, OHSA 1926.502.

Even if you are from different countries, we ensure you can use our systems for your concrete structure project without any concerns.

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