Edge Protection for stair edge

APAC edge protection system for the staircase is the most popular device in the market, widely used for several applications, such as concrete.

The fixation of some designs of concrete stair systems may be restricted by the specific details of the method chosen, the availability of sockets, and the width may be limited in some ways. APAC will consider each application individually and customize your stair edge protection system based on these.

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Stair Edge Protection System solutions

The temporary edge protection system of stair edges during construction was complex and expensive. Staircases, stair landings, and returns vary in nature and often require many cut pipes, spikes, and specially constructed protection.

APAC mesh barrier systems for stairs are designed to solve these problems by providing a systematic solution that can be used independently or integrated with a stencil guardrail system.


We developed the Specific clamping devices (APAC clamp) and the mounted socket base for safe access and egress by staircases within construction projects.


During the construction phase, stairs are widespread walking surfaces on construction sites. the APAC socket base stairway edge protection system protects workers when using stairs.

mesh barrier ON THE STAIRS

Fully versatile with our stair barrier system, this system ensures that safety is not compromised in hazardous stair environments.

Staircase edge protection system goes one better

Compared to traditional tubular components or limited railing methods, APAC stair edge protection system has the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective, constructing proprietary stair railings in half the time of more traditional methods.
  • APAC stair edge protection system is faster installation and safer for the operative to carry out 
  • Long service life with anti-corrosion effect using sprayed and galvanized surface treatment
  • Low maintenance costs and reusable

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Ensuring that your site or work environment has adequate protection for stair edges is crucial to complying with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and providing a safe working environment. Our stair system for temporary edge protection meets the regulations and requirements for working at height, reducing the risk of injury from falls from heights due to unprotected edges and stairwells.

APAC Stair Edge Protection System components, Staircase protection panels, posts, and socket bases strictly comply with BS EN13374. The mesh barrier of the APAC stair edge protection system has a smooth top frame for the railing, and solid and durable frame units for long life and high return on investment. 

free customize 3d design for you

APAC can provide you with free design services, drawings, and calculations for the Edge Protection System and also offers advanced 3D drawings. You can work with us to help you keep your work zone safe and secure. We can custom any type of edge protection based on your project with detailed requirements.

Send us your request today and we will generate a quote with everything you need for your edge protection system project.

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