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Shoring Props are retractable tubular steel props consisting of an outer tube, an inner tube, and adjustable fittings, the inner and outer tubes are usually fitted with a flat metal plate at one end to provide additional support areas. 

APAC’s Adjustable shoring prop also called Acrow Prop, adjustable jack post, adjustable steel post, adjustable steel column, adjustable steel prop, adjustable steel shoring post, and even the lally column. They are designed to support a range of formwork and falsework applications, floors, ceilings, openings, and temporary beams.

Shoring Props : Made in China,Used Worldwide

APAC shoring prop strictly conforms to BS4360 and EN1065 standard, we also provide you simple and innovative design, and use high yield strength steel materials.

Our shoring props are available in five sizes covering a range from 1040mm to 4900mm with axial compression working load limits ranging from 7kN to 42.5kN. The outer tube diameter of the shoring prop is 60.3mm, the head and base plates normally are 150x150x6mm, on the center of the plate has a 38mm diameter hole.

APAC shoring prop is fast to erect in three simple steps, and are able to be handled by a single person, ensuring reliable and economical formwork and scaffolding applications.  

Shoring Prop: Increase the Load, Decrease the Cost

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Your Well-made Shoring Props

Shoring Props are used in the construction industry for temporary support of ceilings, walls and trenches (shoring). To install, first stand the shoring prop into the work area, adjust the height so that it almost fills the gap, and insert the pins to lock the inner and outer shoring prop tubes. Any remaining gap is then closed with screws until it is securely fastened to the support area.

Shoring props are mostly used for shoring: temporary support during building repair or alteration work, rather than scaffolding: an access platform for workers. Typical use is to support existing horizontal beams for table moldings.

You can have an inner tube in diameter of 40mm and 48mm for APAC’s shoring prop as well. When the inner tube diameter is 40mm/48mm, the outer tube will be 48mm/56mm.

APAC’s shoring prop jacks are widely used in scaffolding and concrete formwork support in Europe. The height of the props is adjustable, you can ask APAC to design and customize the height according to your slab /floor height. 

Quality assurance

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APAC shoring prop products are manufactured with quality welds and durable steel, our products are built to last.
APAC has been manufacturing quality products since 2014. Our goal is to provide you with quality products at the best possible price while providing the highest level of service and support.
We have a strict quality control system, and all of our shoring props will pass strict quality inspection before they reach customers.

Choose your material and surface treatment

We usually typically use S235 steel or S345 steel, both of which are commonly used in the industry. S345 steel will make the shoring prop has a better loading rating, we recommend you use S345 steel.

APAC provides OEM service for the shoring prop, the surface treatment you can find here are hot-dipped galvanized, galvanized steel, painting, and powder coated.

APAC is able to offer you shoring prop based on the weight load requirements. You can not only find the normal light-duty props. Other medium-duty and heavy-duty steel acrow props are available too.

hot-dip galvanized surface treatment

Adjustable Shoring Posts Applications

Trending FAQ

Shoring Prop | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Shoring Props are an integral part of construction. The modern shoring props offer high flexibility and versatile features. These units have completely simplified many formwork and framework complexities in today’s construction sites.

Are you interested in shoring Props?

Read through this FAQ guide to get the answer to all your basic queries on shoring props.

Shoring props are temporary structural elements. These are basically cylindrical-shaped components with a metallic hollow body. The typical shoring props have two additional horizontal plates at two ends.

At various construction stages, you need to temporarily support different structural members. You can provide rigid support to these members with the shoring props. Once the members are stable, you can move them back for other functions.Figure 1 - Typical Shoring Props

Figure 1 – Typical Shoring Props

The shoring props are used in various stages of construction. You can use them for:

Temporary support

You can quickly mount shoring props to offer temporary support to different components. Once you are done, you can easily remove the shoring props.

Heavy load-bearing components

The shoring props are made of highly durable metals, which make them ideal load-bearing components. So, you can use shoring props to support very heavy structural members or other elements.

Beam, slab, and column formwork components

In concrete constructions, the newly casted concrete takes some time to gain their target strength. During this time, you need to provide rigid support to the formwork containing these members.

Using the shoring props, you can easily provide vertical support to beam and slab members. For the column sections, you need to provide horizontal support. Install the shoring props at an inclined angle to support them horizontally.

Scaffolding solutions

Different manufacturers offer shoring props with many adaptable features. Using a few additional pieces, you can use them for scaffolding solutions to assemble shoring towers, guard rails, etc.

Figure 2 - Shoring Towers And Shoring PostsFigure 2 – Shoring Towers And Shoring Posts

Platform beam

The shoring props are also suitable to carry a limited amount of load on the lateral side. To set up temporary working platforms, use suitable pieces to adjust them horizontally as platform beam. Place the top platform member on the platform beam to distribute the load.

Installing shoring props is very easy. Just follow these steps to install shoring props:
  • Use shoring props with a load-bearing capacity equal to or exceeding load specified by standards or the structural engineer.
  • Take the help of a professional or calculate following the standards, the specifications, and the number of required shoring props.
  • Mark the positions where you want to set up the shoring props.Adjust and place the base plate in the marked position. The area must be a rigid, load-bearing surface.

Figure 3 - Parts Of A Typical Shoring PostFigure 3 – Parts Of A Typical Shoring Post

  • Release the support pins.
  • Pull the extension tube towards.
  • Attach the top plate to the target position.
  • Insert the support pins.
  • Tighten the screw to create balanced pressure until the shoring prop starts to take the load.
You can watch this video to understand how to install shoring props.

Shoring props are accepted as standard structural elements worldwide. With proven safety features and versatile application scopes, the shoring props are now an integral part of the construction sector.

But to ensure safety while using the shoring props, you have to follow the proper guidelines. You have to follow the national and local standards while using them. The standards are set with sufficient safety factors to ensure they never fail to provide the ultimate safety.

You can adjust the shoring jack posts to adjust with shorter or longer lumber shores. Most manufacturers recommend a maximum adjustment range in shoring jack posts within 3-4 inches.

Figure 4 - Adjustable Temporary Jack PostFigure 4 – Adjustable Temporary Jack Post

To adjust, you can turn the adjustment screw clockwise for longer posts and anti-clockwise for shorter posts.

Aluminum is a lightweight material. So, aluminum shoring props are extremely popular due to their flexible and easy handling opportunities. They are also highly durable. Their durability advantages are:

  • Aluminum is a naturally corrosion-resistant material. So, aluminum shoring props are durable due to their long lifespan.
  • Shoring props with aluminum alloys can be engineered to be as strong as steel shoring props.
  • Aluminum absorbs impacts elastically, for example, when your shoring prop falls over.

Aluminum shoring props require less maintenance.

Similar to the size specification of shoring props, you can also see a range with two values for the load-bearing capacity of shoring props. The smaller value in the range specifies the load capacity at extended conditions. The larger value specifies the load capacity at closed conditions.

The load-bearing capacity of normal shoring props can be from 8 KN to 45 KN. For heavier series, the range can be from 36 KN to 80 KN. Some manufacturers also manufacture shoring props capable of 200 KN load capacity.

You can find the load capacity mentioned in other units like Kip or lb.

The advantages of galvanized shoring props are:

  • Requires less maintenance
  • High tensile strength
  • Strong toughness rating
  • Corrosion and weathering resistant
  • More durable
  • Suitable for industrial applications

When you see the size specification of shoring props, you can always see a range with two values. The smaller value in the range specifies the minimum length. The larger value specifies the highest extendable length.

Most manufacturers offer shoring props in five standard sizes with minor differences. These are:

  • 3’-6” to 6’-0”
  • 5’-9” to 10’-3”
  • 6′-6” to 11′-0″
  • 8′-6″ to 13′-0″
  • 10′-6″ to 16’-0”

Based on application scope, manufacturers also offer other sizes of shoring props.

You can remove the shoring props once the structural members are able to support their self-weight or reach their full strength.

You can follow this table to the standard timing of shoring props removal:

Serial no.

Description of a structural member

Time duration


Removal of shoring props to slabs


(a) For slabs spanning up to 4.5 m

7 days


(b) For slabs spanning over 4.5 m

14 days


Removal of shoring props to beams and arches


(a) Spanning up to 6.0 m

14 days


(b) Spanning over 6.0 m

21 days


Walls, columns, and vertical sides of beams

1-2 days

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