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According the definition of Wikipedia, the is construction fence is a free standing, self-supporting fence panel, the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications.

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APAC construction fence solution includes temporary fence, pedestrian barrier (Crowed control barrier ),temporary chain link fence, and orange plastic construction fence.

Temporary Fence

APAC has been providing our customers across worldwide with competitive prices and reliable fence OEM and sales services since 2014, making us a market leader in all temporary fencing sales.

Pedestrian Barrier

APAC is a professional pedestrian Barrier supplier In China, we mainly supply the barriers to European countries, however, we also customize pedestrian barriers according to your specification or design.

Temporary Chain Link Fence

The benefit of temporary chain link fence is obvious, it is easy to install and move for keeping the construction sites secure. Compared with the permanent fencing , the portable chain link fence is more cost-effective.

Orange Construction Fence

We have been specialized in the orange construction fence field for over 7 years. Relying on the hard working of APAC’s professional quality control team, the orange construction fence quality can be assured.

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When it comes to buy a construction fence and its related products, you want to find the highest quality and most durable equipment. But you also want to give you a chance to breathe within your budget, so that you can afford additional construction fences when needed.

APAC’s Construction fence products are the most durable, able to take a beating day in and day out while still looking like new, with the best price for the product, not simply the most expensive or the most affordable.

At APAC, we offer no-obligation advice to anyone in need of construction fences. Our experienced team of crowd management experts can provide project-specific insight to ensure you get the right product the first time.

We have been exceeding our customers’ expectations for years and since 2014, APAC has been providing the most thoroughly tested Construction fence products on the market.

While we strive to list the most competitive prices, we cannot guarantee that we will list the lowest prices. But when using an APAC Construction fence product, we want to make sure it creates the safest, most reliable and aesthetically pleasing environment. In short, your success is our success.

When you buy from APAC, you know you have the best construction fencing and ultra-reliable accessories. Our kits come with everything you need to be successful for years to come.


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Trending FAQ

Construction Fence | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Construction fences are the barriers or partitions that you can use to isolate or divide a zone within different construction areas. In standard terms, construction fencing is also known as construction hoard.

You need the construction fences for optimum materials storage, maintaining the project’s privacy and safety, keeping your construction workers safe, etc. Depending on the variety of purposes, you can use both temporary or permanent construction fences.

Figure 1 - Construction Fences Installed At The Exterior Perimeter Of Construction Area

Figure 1 – Construction Fences Installed At The Exterior Perimeter Of Construction Area

There are different types of fences for use in construction sites. The common ones include:

  • Heras fencing:Heras fences are trendy due to the highly flexible and quick handling opportunity, together with excellent durable properties.
    Since the fences have anti-climb features, you can use them to add higher security to your construction site. Moreover, you can also quickly assemble and dismantle the heras fences. So, you can easily reuse them at new locations.
  • Mesh panel fencing:The mesh panel fencing is composed of mesh panels. These fences are also popular due to their higher aesthetics. The installation and dismantling options for mesh panel fences are also simple. You need to install the fence posts on the ground and just connect the panels on them.
  • Wooden/timber fencing:The advantage of wooden fencing is creating a solid and secured appearance for the view. So, you can easily fend off the outsiders to develop a form of safety and privacy. The wooden fences also offer a medium level of security.
  • Chain link fencing:Made from chain links, you can easily install the fences with independent supporting stands on solid or soft soil. So, you can set up the chain-link fences quickly and easily without digging a hole in the ground.

Figure 2 - Chain-link FenceFigure 2 – Chain-link Fence

  • Barricade fencing:You can use barricade fencing together with other types of fences to ensure barrier and safety, mostly against traffic-related solutions. You can also use them for other purposes.
  • Hoarding:
    • Metal hoarding:Metal hoarding is mainly a permanent fencing option, and you can reach for metal hoarding when you are looking for a permanent or long-term fencing solution.
      They are highly durable, strong, and highly secured fencing solutions. But they are also expensive compared to other fencing options. You can also add additional features like installing barbed wire on top for extra security.
    • Wooden hoarding:Compared to regular wooden fences, wooden hoardings are a very sturdy option. They also offer a cost-effective approach to your fencing solution.
  • Pedestrian barrier:You can use pedestrian barriers inside construction sites or areas closer to roadside having pedestrian access.
  • Coloured construction fence:Construction fences are available in different colours like red, blue, orange and green. You can use them in areas where you need high visibility features.

You can use construction fences for different kinds of applications like:

  • Secure a boundary perimeter at the construction sites
  • Protect the exterior people from the risk of construction hazards
  • Protect the construction sites against deterrent intruders
  • For material storage within construction sites
  • Create a non-transparent screen to facilitate privacy in construction areas


Figure 3 - Metal Hoarding Fences Can Faciliate Your Construction Site's PrivacyFigure 3 – Metal Hoarding Fences Can Facilitate Your Construction Site’s Privacy

  • To ensure the safety of workers from the construction hazards
  • Create multiple zones for individual task areas

To decide whether you need temporary or permanent construction fences, you have to analyse some factors. These are:

  • Level of security:The permanent fences will provide a better protection feature than the temporary fences. For example, if you need to install large gates, automatic access systems, monitored gates, or other extensive features, you must opt for permanent fences.
    On the other hand, if you want to install a medium to a high level of security with no extensive features, the temporary fences will be suitable for you. You should note that temporary fences also offer higher protection, but you have limited options to add additional features.
  • Duration of project:The project’s duration is critical in determining whether you need to install a permanent or temporary fence.
  • Suitability with installation area and weather conditions:Consider the area and weather conditions where you want to set up the construction fences with the practicality of installation.
  • Purpose of fencing:This is essential to determine whether you want to use permanent or temporary fencing options. If the fencing suits your purpose with efficiency, you can proceed.
  • Insurance requirements:Some insurance policies will determine the levels of security that you must maintain. You have to coordinate well with their specified standards in choosing the type of fences to maintain optimum security.
  • Legal requirements:You must follow local legal terms and regulations while setting up the site perimeter fences. Decide on your choice after you do a bit of research and perform some survey on this factor.

Yes, construction fences are made with materials to offer you higher durability to suit harsh weather conditions. One of your primary concerns when installing construction fences is whether they can withstand high wind speed.

The reliable manufacturers always manufacture their construction fences complying with OSHA, British, or other standards. They ensure that the fences can withstand overturning wind speed.

They perform different kinds of tests and will specify the limited capabilities. If you install them in areas with specified wind speed, you can be assured of their resilience.

You need highly visible construction fences for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the fences are always visible to the viewers even in low-light conditions.
  • A highly visible construction fence will highlight their existence in front of distracting backgrounds.
  • The pedestrians and drivers will be able to see bright coloured construction fences from a very far distance.

Figure 4 - Orange Construction Fence For High Visibility Feature

Figure 4 – Orange Construction Fence For High Visibility Feature

The mesh panel fences are construction fences that you can install for temporary fencing solutions. They are very easy to install and dismantle due to the design of their components.

The mesh panel fences are a popular choice due to some additional features. They will offer you a higher aesthetics for your construction site without compromising its durability.

Manufacturers make them with galvanised steel to ensure their ultimate durability against corrosion. Moreover, you can add extra features with the mesh panel fences to strengthen your security.

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