Scaffolding, is a variety of temporary supports designed to help workers operate and move materials around on the ground. It is mainly used by construction workers to install parts up and down at height. Large platforms have ample space for workers and their tools.

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There are many types of scaffolding, according to the way the scaffolding vertical and horizontal bars are connected, they can be divided into ring lock scaffolding system, cup lock scaffolding system, Kwikstage scaffolding system, frame scaffolding system, pipe, and coupler scaffolding system.

Our range for scaffolding products includes Ringlock Scaffolding, Aluminum Scaffold Tower, H20 Beam, Shoring Prop, Brick Guards, and Safety Warning Tag.

Ringlock Scaffolding

APAC Ringlock scaffolding is used for all forms of access and support structures in the building, aviation, events, construction industries,ship building, industrial maintenance, ffshore construction.

Scaffold Towers

APAC scaffold towers also called 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower, is manufactured from Alloy 6061 T6 or Alloy 6063 T6 materials. They strictly conform to European standard EN 1004 and Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1576.


APAC always believe that the values of the section modulus and the geometrical moment of inertia apply to new or used concrete formwork H20 beam. And you have to add analogously increased factor of safety needs for severely worm beams.

Shoring Prop

APAC shoring prop is fast to erect in three simple steps, and are able to be handled by a single person, ensuring reliable and economical formwork and scaffolding applications.

Brick Guards

APAC sales the only one-piece plastic brick guards, they are made in IS9001 certificated factory in China. We are a professional supplier with over 7 years experience, you can purchase directly from us.

Scaffold Tags

APAC Scaffold Tags are often designed to keep workers safe, but also to keep passersby safe. Construction Scaffold Tags prevent intruders and inform readers that entry may result in injury or death, ensuring that the site remains safe even without any workers present.

Scaffold Netting

APAC is one of the best construction site safety products supplier in China. We are committed to providing ranges of high-quality scaffold nets meet the safety standard.

APAC : Your Best Scaffolding Supplier in China

As the leader scaffolding manufacturer in China, APAC provides you with one-stop scaffolding solutions, from project information tracking and analysis, project solutions, market development assistance, bidding and quotation, contract signing, project management ((arranging production, quality inspection, product transportation (door-to-door service), scaffolding installation guidance. Technical guidance on product design, development, and product application according to customer requirements.

Construction scaffolding system generally consists of components of the base jack, base collar, standard, ledger, brace, platform, and stairs.

For example, the APAC member is made of high-strength steel, hot-dip galvanized surface, durable, reusable 7–10 years.

APAC’s scaffolding system can help you easily complete the installation. This convenient operation can help you save labor costs and shorten the construction period.

 APAC products comply with EN 12810/EN12811, ANSI/SSFI SC100-5/05, AS/NZS 1576, NCH2501, GOST 27321-2018, and GOST 24258-88 standards. More importantly, the components of the APAC scaffolding system can be flexibly interchanged with Layher All-round, which will greatly reduce your procurement costs.

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Scaffolding | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Scaffolding is a support structure that you can use to get a temporary form of access at a certain height. You can either build a scaffold with various components or assemble it using pre-fabricated components.

When you perform different kinds of construction works at an elevated height, you need a working platform that can support you with a suitable position from where you can conveniently perform your work. The scaffolding can hold multiple people with or without materials to provide you the flexibility at working from heights.

Figure 1 - Construction Work Performed On Scaffoldings

Figure 1 – Construction Work Performed On Scaffoldings

There are so many practical usages where you can make use of scaffoldings for your practical purposes. They include:

  • You can use different kinds of structural scaffoldings for construction works.
  • You can use the scaffoldings in different kinds of exterior repair works where workers need to work from heights.
  • For exterior painting works, you can use the scaffolding to work as a working platform where.
  • You can use a scaffolding working platform with flexible height-changing features in different kinds of indoor applications like fitting appliances, repairing, etc.
  • With multi-level scaffolding, your construction workers can perform tasks simultaneously at different levels for different types of construction.
  • In structures with tight areas where you don’t have surrounding space to set up scaffoldings from the ground, you can suspend them from the top to access your level.
  • It is sometimes troublesome to work on structures with complicated geometry. In those hard-to-reach positions, specialized cantilever scaffolding can be your ideal choice.
  • You can use the scaffoldings for brick masonry works at elevated heights.

Figure 2 - Scaffoldings Used To Perform Brick Masonry Works

Figure 2 – Scaffoldings Used To Perform Brick Masonry Works

  • To temporarily store materials at elevated heights, you can use the scaffoldings as a holding platform while you perform your work.
  • Apart from construction or repair works, you can use scaffoldings for different photo shooting or video shooting applications, where the professionals need to secure a good view from heights.
  • Set up different kinds of lighting and decorating appliances at various events or organizations.

Figure 3 - Scaffoldings Used To Get A Better View For Sports Media Entertainment

Figure 3 – Scaffoldings Used To Get A Better View For Sports Media Entertainment

You can either build your own permanent scaffolding using wood, metal, or other materials for your different working solutions. But the pre-fabricated scaffold towers can benefit you much more. Let’s explore:

  • The pre-fabricated scaffold towers are highly adaptable with versatile connection angles and mechanisms. So, you can assemble them in any design you want.
  • It’s quicker to set up the scaffold towers using the pre-fabricated components.
  • The installation procedure follows simple connection mechanisms. So, you can easily assemble them.
  • The components of the scaffold towers are designed from lightweight materials to give you the extra mobility feature.
  • If you are looking to use the scaffoldings for a long time in extreme weather conditions, scaffold towers made from durable materials are a great option for you.
  • Since you can dismantle and reassemble scaffold towers, it becomes a cost-effective investment over long-term usage.
  • The scaffold towers are manufactured by companies following specific guidelines and conforming to legal standards. So, you can be reliable on their safety and legal compliance.

Each scaffolding is capable of carrying different amounts of load. The load-carrying capability of the scaffoldings depends on the size and design components. To determine how much load you can apply on the scaffoldings, you have to see the specifications.

When you opt for scaffoldings, you can see that the manufacturer will specify detail on safe working load or SWL. The SWL per platform means the safe load that you can apply to each platform. The SWL per tower is applicable for multilevel scaffolds, and it means the safe load that you can apply on the whole tower.

The typical scaffoldings are manufactured from steel, aluminium, bamboo, etc. Different materials offer different kinds of benefits when you use them for your practical purposes:

  • Steel:Scaffold towers manufactured of steel components are extremely strong. So, stell scaffoldings can offer you a high load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the manufacturers now use galvanized steel to manufacture scaffoldings, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion. So, you don’t have to worry about their durability.
  • Aluminum:Aluminum scaffold towers are growing extremely popular in the scaffolding market due to their low-weight properties. Despite their low weight, they are very strong materials. So, you can flexibly handle aluminium scaffolding components and easily transport them.
  • Bamboo:The primary advantage of bamboo scaffolding is that they are readily available and lightweight. So, you can quickly secure your scaffolding connections. Overall, you can make a low-cost investment using bamboo scaffoldings.

The different components of typical scaffoldings are:

  • Frame
  • Bracing members
  • Guardrail
  • Platform system
  • Toeboards at platforms
  • Clamping/connection components
  • Baseplate
  • Castor wheel

There are different kinds of scaffoldings like:

  • Trestle scaffoldings– They have a support system with flexible ladders acting as tripods. So, they are better for indoor usage.
  • Patented scaffoldings – Patented scaffoldings use brackets on which you can install the working platform.
  • Ringlock scaffolding system– You can connect the members by ring lock mechanism, a very fast and secured form of connection.

Figure 4 - Ringlock ConnectionFigure 4 – Ringlock Connection


  • Cup lock scaffolding– You can connect the members by a mechanism termed a cup lock. This is also a very fast and secure form of connection.
  • Kwikstage scaffolding– This is an extremely popular scaffolding system due to its very easy installation process. So, you can use them for small to large-scale operations.
  • Pipe and coupler scaffolding– The platforms of these scaffoldings are supported by pipes and connected with coupling devices.
  • Suspended scaffolding– Suspended scaffoldings are hanged from the rooftop to below to access the target height.
  • Cantilever scaffolding– This kind of scaffolding is necessary when you cannot get access to your desired position in a complex structure with the traditional scaffoldings.
  • Single or double platform scaffolding – When you need to add extra width to your working platform or support construction materials simultaneously, you can use a double platform instead of single platform scaffolding

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