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APAC is a professional supplier of orange construction fence. The main color is orange, so it is also used as warning barrier fence. The orange construction fence is suitable for cordoning off areas on construction sites, snow drifting areas and sporting events.

We have been specialized in the worksite safety field for over 7 years. Relying on the hard-working of APAC’s professional quality control team, the orange construction fence quality can be assured.

Our orange construction fence can be installed with steel fencing pins or star posts and provides a higher level of visibility and protection fence screens.

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Orange Construction fence also named as warning barrier fence, is a lightweight barrier suited for use around utility work, construction sites, snow areas, or in crowd-control applications. It is easy to install with cable ties and make a temporary barrier for warning.

The Orange Construction Fence is manufactured from high-strength extruded polypropylene. It is U/V stabilized, re-usable, and conveniently bagged for protection and easy storage. The fence is available in standard 1m to 2.0m high and up to 50m long per roll.

The construction orange fence adopts PE as major raw material with UV added in manufactured through plasticizing. It is featured with high strength, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, softness, and portability, and recycling.

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Variety of Orange construction fence Can be choose

We provide multiple types of orange construction fences in different colors and different sizes of cutting holes, if you have any projects that need it, welcome to contact APAC now.


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Orange Construction Fence Description

APAC designed the Orange Construction Fence for higher visibility as well as greater wind, re-usable, rot-resistant, easy to install, remove, handle, UV resistant for durable usage.

Material: made of HDPE polyethylene, PP with UV stabilizer, resin

Ultraviolet resistance: fully stabilized

Orange Temp Fence Size: rectangle mesh type, oval openings, round opening, diamond opening, the main mesh is rectangular and oval. 60mmx26mm, 70mmx26mm, 80mmx26mm, 90mmx26mm, 100mmx26mm, 100mmx40mm, 80mmx40mm, 80mmx45mm, 60mmx60mm, 65mmx50mm for diamond mesh size

Weight: 80-350g/m2

Width: 1M, 1.22M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2M

Length: 50ft, 100ft, 50M, 100M

Colour: orange, yellow, black, green, blue, but the most popular color is Orange

Temperature range: -60 degree F. to 180 degrees F

Quality Meets Excellence

Figure 3 - Orange Construction Fence Attached With Pole Teeth And Zip Ties

We not only produce orange plastic safety fences that are certified to international industry standards, but we can also provide you with customized orange plastic construction fences.

Check the video of  APAC orange safety fence installation, It can be used in and around worksites to delineate work zones and visibly mark boundaries for safety and environmental purposes.

We have a strict quality control management system to ensure that the best products are delivered to customers. 

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Orange Construction Fence | The Ultimate FAQ

The orange construction fences are orange-colored barrier fences that you can use on construction sites. They are an excellent choice for your temporary fencing solutions.

The components and the fence body are manufactured with lightweight material. This makes the orange construction fences highly portable. So, you can efficiently install them in sections and control certain areas in construction sites.

Moreover, due to the bright-colored plastic fencing, the orange construction fences offer a high visibility feature. So, the construction workers and managers can quickly and easily notice them even from far distances to comply with standard directions.Figure 1 - Typical Orange Construction Fence System

Figure 1 – Typical Orange Construction Fence System

The orange construction fences have highly versatile application scopes. You can use them for different kinds of purposes.

You need to secure safety at your construction site. During the construction works, you need to section particular areas to keep the workers and passersby safe from the hazards of construction debris. But the areas of immediate construction change from time to time.

So, it is practical for you to look for safety fence solutions that are durable but temporary. Orange construction fences are lightweight and highly portable. You can also easily assemble them and dismantle them after usage. So, they are your ideal choice for temporary fencing solutions.

They are also an ideal choice due to their bright color. It makes them highly visible to construction workers and passersby. It ensures a higher safety feature for everyone, even from a far distance.

Additionally, you have some responsibilities and liabilities to manage the construction sites so that no unauthorized people can enter the area. You can use the orange warning barrier fence to secure the construction premises. It will inform them that that construction work is going in this area and will keep clear off.

Most importantly, you need to comply with the local building regulations for construction sites. The orange construction fences are manufactured, maintaining the standards suggested in different regulations. So, they are an ideal choice to satisfy the legal criteria.

The orange construction fences are made from plastic to offer lightweight and bright color features. Most manufacturers use polypropylene plastic, which is a very high-quality plastic with many beneficial properties.

You can also find orange construction fences that are made from High-density polyethylene or HDPE, which also offers similar characteristics. Both the materials have lightweight properties, enhancing your fences with mobility features.Figure 2 - Orange Construction Fence Is Manufactured From Plastic

Figure 2 – Orange Construction Fence Is Manufactured From Plastic

Using these materials for manufacturing orange construction fences offers you UV stabilizing features. So, if you keep them under direct exposure to UV rays through sunlight, they will not get damaged. So, they can continue to provide the same bright luster for a long time.

Moreover, these materials can be recycled entirely, which does not negatively impact the environment.

The orange safety fence installation should follow these standard steps:

  • Mark the location where you want to install the orange construction fences.
  • Determine how much distance you want to keep between each orange fence post. Remember, if you keep a very long distance, the plastic fencing strength will be lower. And if you use too many posts, the plastic fencing will be stronger, but you will waste investment behind unnecessary budget. You can follow the typical post distance from 6’ to 10’.
  • Mark the positions of the orange fence posts.
  • Use T-posts, wooden posts, or rebars as supporting posts, whichever the manufacturer offers or you prefer for your optimum installation.
  • Following specifications, insert the lower part of the supports on the marked points until the specified depth. Keep the teeth of all the supporting posts facing to a single side.
  • Clamp the topmost thicker part of the orange construction barrier with the topmost teeth and the apertures adjacent to lower teeth to ensure they do not slide down. Make sure to use all the teeth to ensure higher support.
  • Now, to lock the orange construction mesh horizontally, use cable ties to clamp the mesh members to the supporting posts. You can also use staples to clamp the mesh members to the supporting posts.

Your installation is complete, and your fencing is ready.Figure 3 - Orange Construction Fence Attached With Pole Teeth And Zip Ties

Figure 3 – Orange Construction Fence Attached With Pole Teeth And Cable Ties

You can find orange construction fences with variable heights. Most of the times, the manufacturers offer them from a height of 3’ to 5’. In terms of length, you can find orange construction fence rolls with lengths from 100ft to 100M.

You can also find variations in the size of fabric mesh as well. Sometimes you will find square-sized mesh or with different sides. For squared meshes, you can find available sizes from 1 in to 3 in. For non-similar sides, you may find mesh size from 1 in to 3.75 in.

The orange construction fences are made from durable materials which are suitable to withstand environmental elements. So, they last for a very long time if you use and maintain them properly.

On average, the orange construction fences will last more than five years. During their lifetime, their materialistic properties will also retain.

The orange construction fences are manufactured complying with standard regulations. So, they can carry more than the target amount of loads required to work as a safety barrier fence in construction safety projects.

On average, the orange construction fences can carry a breaking load from 200 lb to 240 lb. Their tensile yield can reach more than 3000 PSi with an ultimate tensile strength exceeding 120 pounds/foot in terms of other measurement units.

Yes, the manufacturers make the orange construction fences complying with standard regulations. First of all, the color of construction fences is required to maintain as a ‘warning’ color following specific guidelines of the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and the American national standards institute (ANSI).

Since the builders plastic safety barrier fences are safety elements, you must ensure that the produced color expresses the sign of warning. So, the ‘orange’ color complies with the standard regulations. Moreover, it also complies with other legal regulations mentioned in OSHA within standard number 1926.105 about safety nets.

When you order the orange construction fences, you have to order them as a continuous run of a very long length. If you pack the plastic fences with sharp folding edges, the material will lose its strength at these folds.

So, it is impossible and impractical to send them in divided lengths through folding. So, orange plastic safety fence factories use the concept of the materialistic properties of the safety fences.

They will roll the plastic orange fence throughout the complete length. This will avoid any kinds of sharp foldings, which will help you retain the material properties intact. You may be concerned about whether the fence will remain curved after you open the roll or not.

Yes, you will find the fence slightly curved after you open the roles, but you don’t have to be concerned about this. Because once you set up the orange construction fences, the material will return to its original shape. For the length of the roll, you can order 50’ to 100’ rolls.Figure 4 - Orange Construction Fence Packed In Rolls

Figure 4 – Orange Construction Fence Packed In Rolls

Yes, the orange construction fences are suitable for all weather conditions. You can easily use them for outdoor usage, where they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The orange construction fences are manufactured from plastic materials, which are resistant to corrosion. So, you don’t have to worry about rusting. Moreover, the materials are completely UV stabilized.

So, under exposure to UV rays through sunlight, they do not get damaged and don’t lose the high brightness color. They can also stand firmly in high winds with proper support. With all these features, you can use the orange construction fences for all weather conditions.

The orange construction fences have so many benefits. These are:

  • They are built with very lightweight materials. They are so much lightweight that a 50 feet roll of 4 feet height weighs only about 4 lb to 5 lb. This offers you a very high mobility feature.
  • Installing the orange construction fences are very easy. You don’t need any additional instruments or tools to install with the supporting posts.
  • Due to the bright color, they are highly visible even in low-light situations. So, they add an extra layer of safety to your construction site.
  • The orange construction fences are highly adaptable. So, you can also use them for other purposes as well.
  • Due to the properties of the materials used, they are extremely durable and can last for three to five years or more.
  • Once you are done using the orange construction fence at one side of the site, you can quickly dismantle and use them in other parts.

The orange construction fences are a kind of temporary fencing system. You can reuse them for different application scopes.

The installation of orange construction fences is easy. You just have to install them with the ‘teeth’ of the supporting posts and attach cable ties. So, dismantling is also very easy. You just have to cut the cable ties and remove the fences from the clamp.

So, the dismantling process will not damage the fences. So, once you have finished the dismantling process, you can easily reuse and install them again at different locations.

The difference between orange and green construction fences is only in terms of color. There are no other differences. So, the color difference differentiates the message they relay to the persons involved. In choosing the right colored construction orange fence, you first have to understand the message each color relays.Figure 5 - Green Construction Fence

Figure 5 – Green Construction Fence

Red and any color closer to red naturally expresses something relevant to danger. Even official standards worldwide like OSHA, ANSI refers to the color ‘orange’ as a sign of ‘warning’.

So, if you install the orange construction fence, it will send a warning message to any involving person to become cautious. You should choose orange construction fences to restrict access to unwanted personnel.

On the other hand, the color green naturally express the messages of safety. So, if you install the green construction fences, it will send a message of safety. You should choose the green construction fences when you want to relay a message of safety.

Not many china orange fence manufacturers will offer you a custom-sized aperture for orange construction fences. But if you want to make a substantial amount of order, that case, you can contact the security orange fence manufacturers to quote them with specified requests for custom-sized aperture.

More Question?

We offer online, prompt service and you can get professional guidance about our orange plastic construction fence.

A roll of heavy-duty safety orange construction fence and a few pins (sold separately) will set up a temporary fence for you in minutes. Cost-effective products are available to meet your project needs.

Except for the orange plastic construction fence, APAC also provides edge protection (fall Prevention), scaffolding equipment to fulfill your safety needs for the construction site (worksite).

If you are interested in an orange plastic construction fence or relative APAC equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will not let you down.

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