Pedestrian Barrier

Pedestrian Barriers

Appropriate positive barriers, both permanent pedestrian barriers and temporary pedestrian barriers, are used to discourage pedestrians from making dangerous, unauthorized movements into the restricted area.
Pedestrian Barriers (also known as Crowd Control Barriers ) are lightweight and ideal for keeping the public away from construction job sites.
As a physical barrier, pedestrian barriers are also very popular in events and sports. They are an effective way to safely direct pedestrian traffic and prevent crowd pressure from reaching dangerous levels.
APAC pedestrian barrier series has brought several advantages for people working in construction sites public working sites to hazardous work zones.
Except for the barrier system, this is complemented by a full installation and maintenance guide, with customized options available if required.

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popular solution for pedestrian control scenarios

Wherever people gather, pedestrian barriers are now a common sight, from worksites to rallies or events. The pedestrian barricades are an important part of the crowd control solution.
Such as pedestrian barricades, traffic barriers, event barriers, and barricades come in many different forms, but they all serve the same purpose: protecting people from potential dangers and getting long-term benefits.
APAC specializes in manufacturing and providing high standards of safety products. We are proud to provide practical, durable, and affordable temporary pedestrian barricades at the best possible prices.
According to each industry of application, there are 6 common types. Even though each type of barrier serves different applications, they are often used in conjunction with each other.
Below are the main types of the pedestrian barricade we manufacture and their key features and functions.


walkway barriers

Installed to define walkway boundaries and protect against straying vehicles

pedestrian barriers-apac

segregation barrier

Provide visible segregation to keep vehicles away from pedestrians

steel barrier application

crowd barriers

heavy duty pedestrian barrier for crowd control and traffic control


construction site pedestrian barriers

construction site
pedestrian barriers

Enhance visibility around, keep worksites safe from trespassers 


pedestrian barriers

Redirect traffic or pedestrians away from job sites or potentially hazardous areas

pedestrian barriers

Prevent people from entering or falling, ensure safe walking through warehouse


APAC: high Quality pedestrian barrier suppliers

APAC is a professional pedestrian barriers supplier in China. We provide OEM services to pedestrian barrier distributors and pedestrian fence contractors worldwide, customizing pedestrian barriers according to your specification or design.
We focus on the function and use of quality control, what you are concerned about is what we care about, and for safety purposes, load tests can also be performed and reports are provided according to your requirements for pedestrian barriers load capacity.
APAC has advanced automatic welding machines, ensuring the lead time even in peak season for you. Additionally, we have many talented welders with experience of over 10 years, of providing you with high-quality crowd control barriers.
Also, as our own manufacturer, you know you are getting the best pricing available. Contact us here to learn more or to place an order today!

Excellent Quality Pedestrian Barriers

With the lifting of COVID-19-related restrictions, we are seeing large events return.
Many countries, businesses and communities are still following social-distancing protocols. This means that organizations may need to prioritize quality safety equipment to ensure people’s safe by creating socially distanced areas.
Crowd control barriers are more important now than ever.
At APAC Safety, it’s our mission to provide high-quality, sustainable safety products to all of our clients. And we know safety is a pivotal time for the whole world, which is why we offer a wide range of crowd-control solutions and products, including galvanized crowd control barriers and powder-coated crowd control barriers.

Colored Barricades For Specific Safety Needs

The choice of colors of the barricade depends on the contrast being visible against most backgrounds. In the current situation of site application, it can vary from silver to white.
Normally we wouldn’t emphasize the color of pedestrian barriers look, but galvanised, red, white and yellow are exactly the preferred style of our painted color pedestrian safety barrier series.

galvanised pedestrian barrier
Powder Coated black and yellow Steel Pedestrian Barrier
APAC Builders Equipment

Multi metal pedestrian barrier components for Your needs

Interlocking steel barriers, also known as bike rack or bicycle barricades are the most common type of pedestrian barricade.  
Different from permanent pedestrian barriers, all the panels and feet of an interlocking metal barricade can be removed and switched as required.
This makes pedestrian barricades extremely versatile since you are granted the ability to get your desired size and functions simply through the abundant combination of the frame and hardware.
There are a few options when choosing these components of pedestrian barricades:
Flat Feet or Bridge Feet? Do you need a manual swing pedestrian turnstile gate?
Let’s take a look at this time.

steel frame


barrier feet


Steel Barrier Gate

Barricade Cover

Quality Meets Excellence

temporary fence project to auckland
We have a strict quality control management system to ensure that the best products are delivered to customers. We offer our clients a wide range of quality assurance services from product design and testing, material selection and sourcing, warehousing, distribution, and delivery.
We also provide a high level of customer service, which is another important aspect of our business. Our clients can contact us easily via phone or email, and we will always reply within 24 hours.
Trending FAQ

Pedestrian Barrier | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of pedestrian barricades, you can use this knowledge to optimize your business.
Not sure how to choose the proper type of pedestrian safety barriers? Read our FAQs guide on pedestrian barriers.

Pedestrian barriers are specific types of road safety railings to guide and protect pedestrian movements in an area. You can also use them in other areas involving works or events with pedestrian access.

But there are standard sets of rules and regulations regarding the pedestrian barriers considerations. You must follow them to install the barriers to ensure the pedestrian’s safety properly.Figure 1 - A Typical Pedestrian Barrier

Figure 1 – A Typical Pedestrian Barrier

destrian barriers are important for the following reasons:

  • To secure a safe pathway:In certain areas, the pedestrians may be at risk of hazards from traffic or other objects. Pedestrian barriers are important so that you can isolate and secure a safe pathway for pedestrians.
  • Comply with standard regulations:You must comply with legal regulations for specific sectors to set up pedestrian barriers following particular guidelines.
  • Crowd control:Pedestrian barriers are important to control the crowd gatherings in important areas. In areas with or without any risk of safety hazards, use the pedestrian barriers to create sections and specify functionality in each area.
    Moreover, you can control an efficient movement flow and fixed directions for the pedestrians. A separate and dedicated pathway will reduce confusion. This will facilitate a smooth pedestrian movement flow.
  • Ensure safety at construction zones:Perhaps one of the most common usages of pedestrian barriers is construction zones. You can use the pedestrian barriers that are suited for roadside usage. Use them to secure a temporary perimeter that should be off-limits from pedestrian access.

The different types of pedestrian barriers are:

  • Steel single-leg flat base barrier to set up in soft flooring areas
  • Steel fixed cross-leg barrier for quick and easy setup on areas with hard floors
  • Walkthrough barriers to create entry points
  • The plastic boss barrier for heavy-duty application
  • Pedestrian barrier chains for low-height, heavy-duty service.
  • The water-filled barrier for road works safety and better stability.

Figure 2 - Water-filled Safety Pedestrian Barrier

Figure 2 – Water-filled Safety Pedestrian Barrier

  • Plastic navigator barrier with reflective signage for low-light/night usage
  • Avalon barrier for multiple colors with high visibility feature
  • Retractable barriers for quick width adjustment feature
  • The frontier barrier for pedestrian safety at construction sites
  • Utility barriers to create a safety perimeter around any utility

Figure 3 - Utility Barrier

Figure 3 – Utility Barrier

Each material is special, with some unique properties. So, different materials are used to manufacturing pedestrian barriers that serve best for various functionalities, include:

1. Metal pedestrian barriers
Steel pedestrian barriers:
The steel pedestrian barriers are extremely strong. They can offer a very high-strength and shock-absorbing capacity to keep pedestrians safe from any sudden impact. So, steel pedestrian barriers and stainless steel pedestrian barriers are your ideal choice to offer higher levels of protection to pedestrians.
Steel Pedestrian Barriers for Sale in Australia stainless-steel pedestrian- barriers-on-route-9a-bike-path-project
In general, hot rolled mild steel is used to manufacture steel pedestrian barriers. You can get different qualities of surface finishing for better durability.
For example, if you want to use them in extreme conditions, galvanised pedestrian barriers or powder-coated pedestrian barriers should be your ideal choice. They are highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration. So you don’t have to worry about the durability of them.

Aluminum pedestrian barriers:

aluminium Road Safety barriers

Aluminum has increasingly become an indispensable material for pedestrian road safety barrier In recent years due to its many beneficial properties.
1) A high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum offers almost similar strength to steel but is extremely lightweight. It also makes stransporting and storing much easier. So, you can easily transport them to your installation location.
2) Highly resistant to corrosion. The thick layer of aluminum oxide can helps the barricades resisting corrosion of rain, snow and salt as well as toxic substances such as oil and gasoline. So, you can enjoy the benefits of high durability as well.

2. Plastic pedestrian barriers
Nowadays, plastic pedestrian barriers are growing more and more popular every day. You can adapt the plastic barriers for so many versatile application scopes. This makes them an ideal choice in the global market.
HDPE pedestrian safety barriers
The current global standards are also highly focusing on plastic barriers. They especially focus on pedestrian barriers manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) due to the recyclable feature. It reduces the negative impacts on the environment.

HDPE-tough-pedestrian-barrier-construction-barricade White-Vinyl-Fence-Panel

● Vinyl event fence
Portable vinyl event fence panels interlock to create a contiguous crowd control barrier. The smooth surfaces have stylish look and feel. They are used in situations where the aesthetics are just as crucial as crowd control, like gardens, golf courses, and weddings.
Compared with HDPE, vinyl is thinner and less able to be customised. In addition, vinyl barriers are becoming fragile when there’s significant fluctuation in temperature especially in tough cold weather.

3. Concrete jersey barrier
The precast concrete jersey barriers are designed to offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. With feature forklift slots at the bottom, they are easily be lifted and then redirected.
As in the cases of road construction, the concrete barriers act excellent in separating lanes of traffic and prevention of vehicle intrusion into the work zone.

concrete jersey barrier with feature forklift slots

Pedestrian barriers are used to guide and protect the pedestrian in an area. To offer optimum protection, you must ensure that the pedestrian barrier you are using has sufficient height. Different manufacturers produce pedestrian barriers with different heights based on functionality.

They follow the standard sizes that are suitable for the type of barrier and their application. The pedestrian barriers should be of a height similar to or more than the waist level. They should not be too high, as this will reduce the visibility.

So, you will find most of the pedestrian barriers with a height just above the waist level. You can find typical pedestrian barriers with a height starting from 900 mm to 1300 mm. Some pedestrian barriers may have higher or lower heights based on specific functionality.

Pedestrian barrier is something that you are bound to come across in your daily life whether it’s in the industrial/commercial building site, a roadworks construction site or the scene of an accident.

traffic-safety-plastic-pedestrian-barrier-row red-and-white-pedestrian-barrier-on-worksite

Barricades can be served as a warning of the dangers, or as a crowd control barrier.
Different manufacturers offer different materials and sizes of the pedestrian barricade in many different colors, but OSHA and ANSI provide the precise specifications for barricade colors.
Red / white should be used for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment in OSHA standards.
As the ANSI specified colors, red indicates DANGER and SERIOUS HAZARD for overhead work, live electrical components, scaffolding under construction, or equipment with a rotating superstructure.
Health and safety regulations state in the UK that markings should be placed around obstacles or dangerous locations that will present a risk, such as the area of people tripping or falling, objects falling or people or vehicles colliding with objects. These barrier markings should be made up of alternating red and white or yellow and black stripes.

hi-vis_red_and_white_fixed_leg_crowd_barrier water filled red and white plastic pedestrian barriers
It’s important to be known what the red and white pedestrian barriers stand for, especially if you are on the worksite. If you notice that barriers have been knocked down, or removed, report it to the superintendent or supervision department immediately, maybe you can help to avoid a hazard of serious consequences.

Depending on the level of access control and the security measures a facility requires, permanent or temporary pedestrian barriers might best suit the following application.

Permanent Pedestrian Barriers: For heavy-duty security to prevent vehicle crashes. The stable structure can be designed to withstanding high-speed crashes and resisting wear over years of use.

Temporary Pedestrian Barriers: Flexible and removable access control,  detering pedestrians from entering restricted or insecurity areas at specific times, easy setup, relocation and storage.

The pedestrian barriers are manufactured from strong materials. It makes them an ideal solution to keep pedestrians safe in construction areas.

During the construction works, different pedestrians or passers-by may wander off in the neighboring operational areas. These areas are at a high risk of hazards from different construction materials. So, you can use the pedestrian barriers to limit the access of pedestrians within those areas.

Moreover, in construction sites, you often need to change the position of the barriers following immediate construction works. The temporary pedestrian barriers offer a high degree of adaptability. This helps you set up following multiple categories and adaptations.

You can also use the pedestrian barriers in the road construction sites. When roadside construction is in progress, use the pedestrian barriers to guide the traffic and pedestrians with an alternative route.

In this regard, you can use durable, bright-colored pedestrian barriers. They can clearly be visible from very far, and everyone will be easily alarmed.Figure 4 - Pedestrian Barrier System At Construction Sites

Figure 4 – Pedestrian Barrier System At Construction Sites

Both the plastic and steel pedestrian barriers are highly functional. Each of them has some unique features that will give you some advantages over the other types. So, you have to consider some factors before choosing the best option for your application scope.

  • Strength:In terms of strength, steel pedestrian barriers are always the best option. At sensitive outdoor applications like a fireworks show or security-involved gatherings, the steel pedestrian barriers are suitable to offer sufficient protection. They can also offer the highest protection against any sudden accidental impact.

The plastic pedestrian barriers are also strong enough to provide sufficient protection. They conform to the standard regulations with the required strength for pedestrian protection.

  • Sensitive application scopes:In different kinds of sites, your workers and pedestrians are at exposure to machinery-based appliances. Steel pedestrian barriers are the better choice in these cases. You can also enhance them with anti-climbing and anti-tripping features for added safety and security.

But in some cases, plastic barriers are even safer than steel pedestrian barriers. They are more user-friendly, and children are less likely to get hurt by them. The steel barriers may develop rusty, jagged edges that may hurt anyone. The plastic barriers are free from such problems.

  • Duration of application:Steel pedestrian barriers are efficient for a long-term investment if you are looking for a permanent-based barrier system. They are extremely durable and last for a very long time.

Comparatively, the plastic barrier system is more suitable if you are looking for temporary pedestrian barrier solutions. They are lightweight and comes with features to easily set up and dismantle. So, they have higher mobility features that will give you an excellent advantage while handling them.Figure 5 - Typical Plastic Pedestrian Barriers

Figure 5 – Typical Plastic Pedestrian Barriers

  • Suitability with the environment:Both steel and plastic pedestrian barriers are suitable to use in rough environments. The galvanized steel pedestrian barriers are resistant to corrosion and wear. So, they can efficiently fight the exterior weather conditions.

Similarly, plastic pedestrian barriers are also durable against rough weather conditions. They are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is resistant to corrosion, wear and can withstand heavy abuse. Moreover, the HDPE material is recyclable. You can recycle them to shift towards a positive environmental impact.

  • Other affecting factors:Both steel and plastic pedestrian barriers can withstand high wind speeds. If you want to ensure more stability, you can install additional stabilizing components with both types of barriers.

Other than that, the plastic pedestrian barriers are excellent in guiding the pedestrians due to the high visibility feature. You can easily clean and maintain them due to the smooth surface finishing. The surface is also UV stabilized and has an anti-scratch feature. So, they don’t get damaged by sunlight or public usage.

Consider all these factors to determine the type of pedestrian barrier from material choice. Choose the one that gives you the highest efficiency.

The highly visible pedestrian barriers are important for:

  • A highly visible pedestrian barrier will be visible at all times. In low-light situations, the dull-colored pedestrian barriers may lose their visibility. So, you must use bright colors to ensure their visibility at low lights. Moreover, you can also install reflective stickers to make the barrier visible with the slightest touch of lights.

Figure 6 – Bright-colored Highly Visible Pedestrian Barriers

  • The pedestrian barriers that are highly visible can highlight their existence. There may be so many non-essential elements in the surrounding background. Since the barrier is the most important element concerning safety, so you need to highlight it the most from all other surrounding objects.
  • The pedestrians and surrounding traffic can easily identify the bright-colored highly visible pedestrian barriers even from a very far distance.
  • Since every concerned personnel can see the pedestrian barriers from a far distance, they can take precautious safety steps to prevent accidents. So, the risk of any kind of injury will be reduced.
  • The pedestrians will get the feel of safety if all the safety factors are maintained within the pedestrian barriers they are using. The high visibility of pedestrian barriers is important for optimum safety, which will make them feel safe.

Pedestrian barrier gates are used to assign a clear entry and exit point in the pedestrian barrier system. You can install this for facilitating site access points and crossings. This will help you to efficiently control the pedestrians in an area.Figure 7 - Walkthrough Pedestrian Gates

If you are using separate directional paths for the pedestrian, you should install two pedestrian barrier gates. One of them for entry and another for the exit. This will further increase the movement efficiency.

Apart from that, you can also install other features like an anti-trip or fixed feet system, swing gate, locking mechanism, etc., to achieve further benefits.

A pedestrian barrier chain is a series of linked rings that you can use as the partitioning medium. Sometimes the pedestrian barrier chains are manufactured from metal rings, and sometimes with plastic.

You need to install the two ends of the barrier chain with two barrier posts. You can use them in different construction zones, crowd gatherings, walkways, roadsides, etc. They will help you to guide the pedestrians in following a specified path and limit the passageway.

Pedestrian Barriers for Wide Industry Use

Pedestrian barriers are used in a wide range of industries, such as around rivers, swimming pools, buildings, restricted areas, exhibition halls, gardens, quarantine areas, stadiums, conference centers, construction sites, city roads, walkways on both sides, etc.

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