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The industrial world is often a chaotic and dangerous place. For this reason, we provide work safety gear to ensure the safety of our customers on the job site, factory or warehouse.

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The work safety gears provided by APAC includes: Gloves、Eye protection、Clothing and protective clothing、Hearing protection、Respiratory system protection、Supply and equipment resources

Each field of operation has its own needs and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all safety gears that can cover all places. We find the work safety gear that meets the individual requirements and needs of each customer according to the specific situation of the customer, and tailor it to it. Contact us and we will provide you with safety gear suitable for your project.

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Perfect Work Safety Gear for Your Business’ Success

APAC’s motto is “safety first”, but it determines our direction and our ultimate goal of work safety gear in the construction industry, putting worker safety first, and striving to increase long-term injury prevention.

APAC specializes in providing work safety gears for the construction and heavy industries. Our team has many years of knowledge and experience to help you recommend newly developed products at competitive prices.

APAC listens to customer needs and feedback, we adapt and try to reduce the severity of the accident as much as possible through the modification of work safety gear.

We conduct field tests on all new safety gear equipment before bringing them to the market to ensure that our ideas are correct and that they actually have the expectations we seek.

Every worker is burdened with long-term injuries related to the workplace, and our team is trying to solve this problem by improving work safety gear to reduce each target area. We have a network of partner factories that enable us to innovate and put these ideas into practice.

Work Safety gear usually only protects the user. Therefore, it should be used together with other health and safety measures, such as other safety products of APAC, to ensure the safety of the working environment. 

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Work Safety Gear | A Complete FAQ Guide

Work safety gears are wearables that workers use in construction sites. They help to keep the workers safe from the risk of accidents and injuries. So, it is compulsory for construction workers to use appropriate safety gear.

The workers at construction sites are always prone to accidental hazards. You should always focus on safety as the highest priority and never compromise for anything else. Accidents frequently occur in construction sites where safety gears are not properly used. So, to ensure a safe working environment for your workers, make sure they are always using appropriate safety gear.


Figure 1 – Safety Gears

There are several types of safety gear that workers use for personal protection. These are:

  • Safety gear for head protection– Head is the most sensitive and important part of the human body. So, head protection safety gears are the most important protection unit for every worker. They are designed to protect your head so that any object suddenly falling on your head cannot penetrate and damage your skull.

They are also designed with shock-absorbing features. It distributes the impact of a falling object over the total skull area to reduce the effect. Safety headgears are available in different types and different colours. The variations are made to suit different types of applications.

  • Face and eye protection safety gear– In construction sites, workers perform activities involving flying particles, metal sparks, chemicals, acidic substances, etc. Serious injuries can happen if any of these hit the face or eyes.

So, workers wear face protection safety gear to protect their faces and eyes. Eye and face safety gears are specifically designed to retain the proper visibility and not hinder their work performance. There are different kinds of face and eye safety gear suitable for specific conditions.

  • Safety gear for ear protection– Ear protection measures are commonly ignored in different construction sites. Many construction workers are unaware of how exposure to high noise levels can damage their hearing capabilities for the long term. The safety gears for ear protection can keep themselves safe from the harmful effects of noises.

Different Types Of Safety Gears

Figure 2 – Different Types Of Safety Gears

  • Respiratory aid gear– The workers use respiratory protection gears to protect themselves from breathing contaminated air with dust and hazardous particles. Different construction works are involved with activities where harmful fogs, toxic gases, smoke, vapours, etc., are diffused in the surrounding air.The respiratory aid gears filter these particles and elements in the air while you breathe. So, it can protect you from inhaling toxic and harmful substances that may damage your lungs.
  • Safety gear for hand protection– The hand is the most used part of the body during construction. So, it is vulnerable to injuries while working with different kinds of materials or handling equipment. So, you need to use the proper type of hand protection gears to keep your hands safe.
  • Foot protection gear– There are different kinds of foot protection gears that you can use to keep your feet protected from sharp objects on the ground, falling pieces or impact with construction materials while walking or working.
  • Safety clothing and apparel– The use of appropriate clothes can help create an efficient working environment and reduce the chances of accidents on any construction sites due to visibility features. They can also offer substantial levels of protection with a strong fabric build.

The workers use safety gloves for the following reasons:

  • Safety gloves keep the worker’s hand protected against cutting from any sharp tools or materials.
  • While working with heavy tools or equipment, the workers use safety gloves to protect their hands from hammering fingers.
  • Long time handling with iron or rough materials, the workers’ hands are prone to damage to wear. They use suitable gloves to prevent wearing injuries.
  • There are different kinds of safety gloves manufactured with materials that are good insulators for thermal conductivity. Workers use these safety gloves to handle workpieces involving high or low temperatures.
  • The safety gloves can keep the worker’s hands protected from toxic chemicals or biological hazards.

Different Types Of Safety GlovesFigure 3 – Different Types Of Safety Gloves

Safety gear protective clothing is necessary for some active and passive functionalities:

  • You need safety gear protective clothing to comply with the legal standards.
  • Specific construction clothing helps distinguish between the individuals involved with construction and other persons with different roles.
  • The high-visible safety clothes help the workers be easily recognised by construction vehicle drivers, which helps reduce accidents.
  • In adverse climatic conditions like snow or rain, safe clothes help workers to recognise each other easily.
  • Safety clothes are made from fire-retardant materials, which can help in case of fire hazards. Also, they can fire-fighters to discover entrapped workers in these situations.
  • Specific safety protective clothes are made from thick fabric to prevent workers from injuries.

Safety Protective ClothingFigure 4 – Safety Protective Clothing

Construction sites are full of different types of equipment and materials that generate high levels of noise. Workers are always prone to these noise levels, resulting in hearing loss with physical and mental effects.

Different standards specify the safe sound level below 85 decibels. Long-term exposure to higher sound levels are can negatively affect you. So, the workers use hearing protective gears, which keeps the workers safe from high noise levels.

Safety helmets are available in different colours so that you can create a distinction between the type of workers involved within your site. This helps to create a disciplined flow and increase efficiency in working. Safety helmets are available in different colours for specific jobs:

  • White – Engineers, foremen, supervisors
  • Red – Emergency services
  • Blue – Electricians and technical operators
  • Yellow – General labours
  • Brown – Welding operators
  • Green – Safety officers
  • Grey – Site visitors

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