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All APAC Personal Fall protection equipment and safety products to protect people working at heights. Falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries.

Fall protection harnesses are an important piece of personal fall protection equipment,Safety harnesses are the most crucial piece of equipment for any work at height job. We provide the best selection of OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety harnesses to help you and your workers to get the job done and return home safely.

Why Our Personal Fall Protection is Your Best Choice?

APAC personal fall protection safety harness has a light weight and convenience for wear, also has a well safety performance.

The type of personal fall protection APAC provided, General is adjustable,it is suitable for people wear of different body shape .

Safety harness for Personal Fall Protection equipment from APAC is made of 100% polyester,and it has 3 or 4 adjustable points.

APAC is a professional Personal Fall Protection equipment supplier in China, we designed the protective equipment to protect a person, animal, or object from injury or damage from height.

With 45 mm width chest straps with chrome metal adjustable buckle, it can be adjusted up and down and is not easy to fall off.

APAC Builders Equipment

Personal Fall Protection Solutions

At APAC, we have a variety of personal fall protection and fall arrest equipment and brands to ensure a safe and compliant work environment.


A strap secures an employee in a manner that distributes fall arrest forces to the thighs, pelvis, waist, chest, and shoulders.


A fall protection anchor acts as a base to attach your retractable or lanyard to when you’re working high.


A synthetic or wire rope, rigged from one or more anchors, to which a worker’s lanyard or other part of a personal fall protection system is attached.

Safety Lanyards

Lanyards are typically made from 3-foot to 6-foot lengths of synthetic webbing or rope, or wire rope, with attached connectors such as snaphooks, carabiners, or other devices.

Your High Quality Personal Fall Protection

Personal Fall Protection sliding type D ring material is chrome metal, increased D ring hardness, it on the back of the body can prevent fall off, it conform to the EN361 standard. Two big hooks comply with CE2292 EN1677-2:2000, strength is 23KN.

Choose your personal fall protection safety harness from different sizes, styles, buckles, and materials that work for construction, welding, wind energy, and more.

Our safety experts are here to consult with you on your safety needs to protect your employees and bring your facility up to OSHA standards quickly.


Trending FAQ

Personal Fall Protection: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are a supplier, distributor, or construction company looking to buy personal fall protection equipment, you must go through this comprehensive FAQ guide.

The guide will resolve your queries regarding personal fall protection apparatus and also help you choose them wisely.

So let’s start it.

As we know, falls are a primary reason for workplace injuries and even death.

As a result, an employer must provide their employees with a solid fall protection solution.

Those who do not know, fall protection is a safety gear that holds a worker during a fall and prevents serious injuries.

In short, personal fall protection equipment keeps workers safe while working at heights.

You get a body harness, lanyards, and anchorage points with this safety kit.

As per the OSHA and various safety laws, an employer is accountable for providing personal fall protection to workers working on a pole or at a certain high point.

figure 1-personal-fall-protectionfigure 1-personal-fall-protection


Personal fall protection is a safety solution used by workers working at a height to avoid injuries during accidental falls.

However, to use it, you must understand its working first.

You get a body harness, connector, and anchorage with a personal fall protection system.

Remember, personal fall protection doesn’t prevent the fall but prevents the wearer from colliding with the ground.

The body harness keeps the wearer straight during a fall.

It automatically enables a declaration device to keep the backbone vertical and take up the fall pressure.

A fall protection kit comprises the following components.

a) Full-body Harness

Figure 2: Full Body Harnessfigure 2:full-body-harness

A body harness is an essential part of a fall protection set.

It keeps the user’s body upstanding during the fall.

If workers wear it accurately, it distributes free-fall generated energy throughout their bodies evenly.

Therefore, it naturally lowers down the risk of catastrophic injury.

b) Lanyard

figure 3-lanyardfigure 3: lanyard

It is another crucial element of personal fall protection.

Safety lanyards are users’ crucial link to fall protection base point

A lanyard is basically a cable or flat strip that workers attach to the D-ring of their safety harness.

It enables workers to stay tied off.

c) Anchorage Connector

figure 4-anchoragefigure 4: anchorage

Anchorage connector is an anchor point, used to attach deceleration devices or lanyards.

Nowadays, personal fall protection devices are available in a variety of types.

Therefore, you can choose them according to your budget and requirements.

A few common personal fall protection types include:

a) Fall Arrest

figure 5-fall-harnessfigure 5: fall-harness

If your employees are working at height, they must wear a fall arrest system.

It is like first-line protection for your employees.

Usually, a fall arrest system contains a full-body harness, anchor point, and lanyard as a connector.

b) Positioning

Figure 6: Positioning

If the job involves working with both hands, positioning personal fall protection equipment can be a good investment.

However, workers should use it along with fall arrest equipment like body belts and harnesses.

Positioning safety equipment is suitable for workers working from the ladder.

c) Suspension

Figure 7: Suspension

Figure 7: Suspension

Suspension enables workers to do hands-free work competently.

It is suitable for employees like painters and window washers.

Construction companies must ensure their workers are using a body arrest system along with a suspension system.

d) Retrieval

Figure 8: Retrieval

Figure 8: Retrieval

A retrieval harness is suitable for places where there is little room.

In such situations, you may need to raise and lower down the working space.

Luckily with a retrieval harness, you can do it quickly and rescue your workers.

Choose personal fall protection having high-grade material so that it can lift the wearer’s upper body, thighs, and pelvis evenly.

A reputable supplier should provide 100% polyester-made personal fall protection equipment.

Moreover,  metal components like D-rings should use galvanized chrome metal.

Also, check the stretch capability of a personal fall protection tool before placing an order.

The breaking strength of a body harness depends on the thickness of the material.

Though some manufacturers use nylon yet polyester is more popular, and for good reasons.

Not only is polyester-made fall protection durable, but also it has better resistance to abrasion.

Additionally, a fall protection kit made out of polyester is water-resistant.

The break strength of polyester material can be up to 10,000 pounds depending on its thickness.

OSHA  is a US regulatory authority that assures a safe and healthy working environment for workers.

OSHA inspects and examines work areas and also enforces standards for safety equipment.

Personal fall protection equipment that complies with OSHA guidelines is OSHA compliant.

At APAC, we provide both OSHA and ANSI-compliant fall protection systems so that you can ensure maximum safety for your worker working at a height.

Check out the following requirements of OSHA-compliant personal fall protection equipment.

  • Make sure there are no cuts, nicks, discoloration, cracks on the safety harness.
  • Users should not modify any part of fall protection equipment.
  • There should be no pulled stitches, cut stitches, and glossy spots on PFP (Personal Fall Protection).
  • Metal material like D-ring should be rust-proof.
  • The tongue buckle should overhang the buckle frame so that it can move freely backward and forward in its place.

Figure 9: Personal Fall Protection Inspection

Figure 9: Personal Fall Protection Inspection

Inspection is vital to ensure safety.

A construction company should hire a professional to inspect fall protection equipment regularly.

It helps to learn the wear and tear and other issues with a personal fall protection kit.

If you doubt the quality of PFP, remove it from service immediately.

The following steps will help you with the inspection.

a) Read Manufacturer’s Instructions

Check the date of manufacturing and product label carefully.

The construction company must make certain that its workers are following the manufacturer’s instructions for using and wearing the PFP.

b) Examine Stitching

Don’t use personal fall protection that has pulled stitches or torn webbings.

c) Rope Lanyards

Check out the whole lanyard.

Make sure it doesn’t have broken stands.

Twist the rope slightly to check the rope breakage.

d) Check All  Metal Parts

You should check all the metal parts such as D-rings for sharp edges.

If you see any sign of rust on metal parts, replace them.


Don’t use damaged personal fall protection at any cost as it may cause injury.

A construction company is accountable (both legally and morally) to provide safe working conditions to its workers.

They should implement preventative measures and create awareness for safety.

According to various safety laws and OSHA, personal fall protection is necessary for employees working at heights more than six feet.

Workers working in the shipyard industry need to wear personal fall protection even at the height of five feet.

Moreover, it is also essential for places where you can’t install guardrails.

The fall protection system helps construction companies manage the risk of working at heights.

Read the following regulation by OSHA to learn whether or not you require fall protection equipment at a construction site.

Regulation 1926

The regulation mentions that all the workers working at 6 feet height or above need to wear personal fall protection.

OSHA states either you will have to remove fall hazards or prevent falls.

Unfortunately, there are places where you can’t eliminate the fall hazards.

For such places, you require personal fall protection.

The following steps will help you buy the ideal fall protection for your workers.

a) The Pattern of Webbing

The quality of a body harness depends on the quality of its webbing to some extent.

Make sure it is robust and can tolerate rough exposure at a construction site.

Quality webbing should withstand at least double of wearers’ body weight.

Clasp and twist webbing with your hand to check its quality.

b) Stitching Quality

Choose a fall protection harness having double box stitching as it can hold more weight comparatively.

c) Padding

The fall protection harness you choose must have cushioned padding.

Padding puts minimum pressure on the body parts like legs, shoulder, and hip.

Moreover, it should be comfortable so that the wearer can work for a long time comfortably.

d) Straps

Since every wearer will have different body sizes and shapes, the straps of the body harness should be adjustable.

Check out if you can adjust at chest, waist, torso, and legs.

e) Leg straps

Nowadays, body harnesses come with various types of leg straps.

However, a few common ones include tongue buckle, pass-through buckle, etc.  

d) Safety Accessories

Get to know what accessories you are getting with personal fall protection equipment.

You should receive basic safety accessories like D-ring, buckles, etc.

Be sure hooks abide by CE 2292 EN1677-2:2000 quality standard.

a) Reputation and Experience

It is advisable to go for a personal fall protection supplier who has years of experience.

Go to their website to know for how long the supplier is supplying fall protection equipment.

Read their testimonials and online reviews on various 3rd party review websites.

A reputable supplier will have a professional website to make buyers aware of their products

b) Product Quality

The reputable suppliers provide a 100% genuine personal fall protection harness with adequate adjustable points.

Check out if the D-ring has chrome metal.

c) Quality Standards

Don’t forget to check if the supplier complies with necessary quality standards like OSHA, EN36, ANI, etc.

d) After Sales Service

Ask about after-sales service to your potential supplier in advance.

A trustworthy supplier should have a team of consultants for after-sales service.


A construction company should ensure that the personal fall protection equipment they are buying adheres to regulations and standards by OSHA.


ANSI (American National Standards Institute)  also states conditions for personal fall protection harnesses.

Generally, the standard mentions guidelines for design, markings, testing, examination, and use.

c) EN 361

It is a European quality standard that outlines manufacturing information, requirements, testing methods, and packaging specification for personal fall protection.  

Ensure the full-body harness you choose meet EN361 guidelines

d) ISO

ISO or International Organization for Standardization also has test methods, requirements, general use, and maintenance for personal fall protection.

e) CE2292 EN1677-2:2000

The hooks of personal fall protection should comply with CE2292 EN 1677-2:2000 quality standards.

Once you have chosen the right PFP system for your employees, train your employees to use it.

Regardless of whether your employees are new or experienced, you should provide training to use body harnesses.

The wearer should make sure that their legs and armholes are accurately aligned.

Check if all straps are tightened properly.

Wearers can ask someone to check the straps behind them.

The body harness should be properly adjusted, not too tight, and loose.

If it is loose, the wearer might slip out of the harness.

On the contrary, if it is too tight, it won’t be comfortable.

Next, choose a lanyard of appropriate length.

Moreover, the anchor of the lanyard should comply with OSHA standards.

It should be able to hold five thousand pounds.

Last but not the least, a construction company should guarantee well-rounded safety for their workers.

Almost every manufacturer/supplier provides instructions for the same.

Depending on the quality, personal fall protection equipment can last for 6 years.

However, the fall protection industry advises replacing it after every two to three years.

As per OSHA and ANSI guidelines, the standard capacity of a fall arrest gear is 310 pounds.

A standard fall protection equipment can easily hold the weight between 130 lbs to 310 lbs

Nowadays, you can easily buy personal fall protection online from any country.

Just select a reliable supplier, and you are good to go.

If you are looking for quality yet affordable personal fall protection equipment, choose a Chinese supplier.

At APAC, we provide you with full-tested, comfortable, lightweight, and high-quality fall protection at an affordable price.

Made out of 100% authentic material, our fall protection equipment is comparatively affordable.

Our fall protection for sale meets all the requirements of ANI and OSHA.

Contact us now to get a quote for personal fall protection.

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