Compression Post Edge Protection

Compression Post Edge Protection

Compression post  system that is not anchored or bolted, but relies on friction or compression fixings between the floor and soffit.

The compression post is used for securing edges between concrete slabs and other situations on construction sites. compression posts can be used in conjunction with mesh barriers for full coverage.

As a collective fall protection device, the toeboard of the mesh barrier prevents debris and material from entering or leaving the floor. Extending the inner pipe to the ceiling and activating the compression function with a foot pedal makes the compression post easy to install.

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Components OF Compression Post

Compression Post

Slab to soffit compression for heights between 2.4m (8′) to 3.5 meters (11’6″). Hot Dipped Galvanized or powder coating Surface you can choose.

Compression Post Barrier Clip

The slider hook can be adjusted to any position on the Post. A strong but light attachment, this product offers a smart solution for barrier height adjustment when used in combination with the barrier.

2.6m Safedge Mesh Barrier

Galvanized mesh and frame, powder-coated for durability.
Conforms to EN 13374, class A; COHS; OSHA; ANSI/ASSE.
 1.2m high and 2.6m long.

2.9m Mesh Barrier

1.1m high and 2.9m long with 4mm wire thickness galvanized mesh and frame, powder-coated for durability.


3D DISPLAY OF Compression post Edge protection


APAC compression post is designed to be a quick height adjustment from 2.4m (8ft) up to 3.5m (11.5 ft)maximum, the integrated pressing device makes it easy compression adjustment. When installing the compression post, a level indicator aids precise vertical rigging.

The compression post edge protection system is used to provide similar edge protection to the anchored or bolted methods, but employing a different, faster, fixing principle. They are mainly applied to concrete frame applications, but fixing to some steel frames can also be provided.

advantages of apac compression post edge protection

  • No tools required, faster installation.

  • There is a choice of double height or full height mesh panels.

  • Powder-coated steel raw material designed for long-term use.

  • Product compatibility with other brands.

  • This system can be recycled compared to traditional guardrails, providing additional savings.
  • Dense meshes (50x50mm/150x75mm) or customized dense meshes with high stability.

  • Personalized logos for your company’s products.

How to install Compression post

Four steps to settle a compression post:

Step 1: Slide the adjustment handle up till the ring is at the compression post desired location,  then extend the inner tub till the anchor plate is firmly against the soffit.

Step 2: Slide the handle down till the grab plate locked to the inner tube of the compression post firmly.

Step 3: Slide the handle to the lock position and put the pin in to lock it.

Step 4: Rotate the compression post counter clockwise until it is locked tightly.

More Information About Compression Post

Applications of compression post

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