snow tarps

Snow tarps are used during the winter months to quickly clear freshly fallen snow from construction job sites, saving labor costs and valuable time.

Just lay your snow removal tarps out before the snow falls, the webbing side always facing down to the ground. Then after the snowfalls, attach the corners with webbing or loops, using a crane or lifting them out. Then you can clear snow off the ground and get a clean working surface.

Jobsite snow removal tarp

Material: PVC-polyester, PVC Knife Coated

Common Sizes: 12′ x 12′, 20′ x 20′, 25′ x 25′, 30′ x 30′  or as Required.

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, or Customized.

Technic Features: Heat-sealed seam, double-stitched sewing along the working load webbing and reinforced on the tarp corners.

Sample: Available

Cold resistant: – 40 Degrees


Cost-effective snow removal solution

snow tarps

Crane can simply lift snow removal tarpaulin away, quickly restoring a safe workplace environment and improving worker productivity.

snow cover blanket application

Protect jobsite materials & equipment from the evening’s snowfall, reducing winter-related setbacks from damage.

Used to cover rebar during concrete pouring stages, it will not be necessary for you to plow the ground or do any backbreaking labor.


Available detailed types for this product are linked below.

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4 Loops Construction Snow Tarp

8 Loop Construction Snow Tarp

8 Loops Construction Snow Tarp

18 Oz Heavy Duty Snow Removal Tarps

26 oz Heavy Duty Snow Tarp

26 oz Heavy Duty Snow Tarp

20'x20' Jobsite Snow Tarp with Loops

20'x20' Jobsite Snow Tarp with Loops

25'x25' Snow Lifting Tarps for Construction Sites

we are factory direct snow tarps supplier

APAC has been manufacturing and supplying construction snow tarps and temporary keder roof sheeting products for many years.

Our company has first-rate automatic cutting machine, high-frequency heat composite equipment, sewing equipment as well as several automatic production lines. Customized sizes and colors can be accepted.

The outer perimeter of all snow tarps are heat sealed and reinforced for added durability. Each tarp is extra stitched and reinforced with cross-cross strap webbing for lifting support.

speciality snow Tarps for the Winter Season

snow tarps color


Snow Tarps are manufactured using durable PVC coated polyester or vinyl fabric, which is highly tearing & rip-resistant.

heavy duty lifting tarps


Zig-zag stitching on each side for ultra lifting support, and the corners are reinforced with patches and double stitching.

snow tarps for construction


Heavy duty tarp, heat-sealed seam,tear-resistant. UV and mildew resistant. Colors and sizes can made to order.

construction snow tarps


Manufactured with heavy-duty webbing and reinforced lifting loops sewn in each corner for ease of movement, providing durability.

snow tarps bearing


Durable, woven PVC coated polyester fabric with tear-resistant stitch design for the highest level of strength and lift capacity.

snow tarps loop

rich performance

Add relevant additives to have rich performance. Tear-resistant, water-resistant, UV-resistant, Temperature Resistance, Light Fastness, and mildew-resistant. 

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pe vs pvc tarp


In this blog, we introduce the difference between PE and PVC tarpaulin, and how to choose them. Read more in this article!

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