weather protection

weather protection

Rain and snow are the big challenges of the construction process. For a construction project, can be multi-stage and across the four seasons. so proper weather protection at the worksite is now commonplace.
APAC provides high-quality, versatile construction weather protection products on the market, which are always carefully designed and sized for a given site and are delivered on time.
Our engineers will give you professional advice and help you find the best solutions to your special features of the site.

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Many construction projects require temporary weather protection for short periods of time, perhaps just a few months at a critical stage of the project. However, large-scale construction projects can take much longer, perhaps from six months to several years.
If you are looking for temporary construction weather protection, APAC has found the best weather protection solutions at the best price.

weather protection keder roof system assambling

keder roof system

Suited to multiple applications in the residential, commercial, industrial and event sectors


keder roof sheeting

Manufactured from high-quality PVC coated polyester fabric, flame retardant standard meets stringent DIN4102-1(B2)

construction shrink wrap entire building

Scaffold Shrink Wrap

Waterproof and extremely cost-effective, can be sealed around the entire building to eliminate any weather-related losses

PVC tarpaulins

Temporary building enclosure during construction, protects workers and equipment from wind, rain and snow


Snow tarps

Designed to lift & remove freshly fallen snow on construction jobsites, saves time and labor hours

Us flame retardant Scaffold netting String Reinforced

reinforced poly sheeting

Flame retardant scaffolding netting, can be fastened to scaffolding with a quick, safe and secure method

Compliance for weatherproof and safety

Many construction sites use non-compliant materials, increasing the risk. This page has been prepared to raise awareness among construction practitioners of products and operational guidelines related to weather protection.

The proper strategies can improve the weatherproof environment, and lead your business to significant environmental and safety benefits.

temporary roofing structure

temporary roof system

Temporary roof covering system, heavy-duty and capable of withstanding varying weather / climates for long-duration projects

weather protection fabrics

Reinforced PVC or polyethylene fabrics with stretch-proof feature, protect building and contents from weather to the elements during external work


Better protection means all preventive measures. 
It starts from the design phase and calls through the whole construction phase and also the building’s maintenance space. The whole life cycle of the building is covered. 
Better weather protection is very important because if weather protection is improper, it will lead to extra costs, repair costs, it can lead to loss of reputation and its words, it can lead us sort of damages to those people who are using the building’s tenants, construction workers inside the buildings in case better protection is improper. 

There are several kinds of damages. 
The most usual ones are handled by changing structures, especially for wooden structures or open work areas under construction. 
You may have to replace building structures or repair them, which is more extra costs.
Some quality requirements in infrastructure, buildings are requiring weather protection in some parts of the work. 
However, weather protection is very much recommendable. Because it’s preventing the really difficult damages and especially in those areas where rain and snow are common.

Weather protection is needed in all the phases in construction process. You can not miss one because then you are entering the problems, so you have to cover the whole process and the whole life cycle. 

Since bad weather can create some dilemmas in the construction process, the construction industry itself has decided to start addressing these issues and finding solutions to them.
Awe of the weather is part of this plan. All parties, major contractors, engineers, and scaffolding companies are committed to this program. 
Traditional scaffolding companies have played an important role in this. Many scaffolding companies have started and changed their scope of business to fast-track projects to prevent water damage to buildings.
It is certain that Epic wants to be a key player in this process as well. 
We want to support our customers by providing solutions and products for weather production so that their difficulties can be solved before they become problems. 
We have keder roof system, we certainly have weather production fabrics to cover the whole building, just like products in this page.

weather protection measures at construction sites

Snow lifting tart-snow-shields
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APAC is a world-wide supplier of construction weather protection solutions with over 10 years. We help clients to realize custom projects with a strong focus on quality, safety and best price.

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  • Turn-key solution to suit any need your demand
  • Keder roof sheeting maximum versatility to other brands
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Samples in stock ready for delivery
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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