Edge Protection for formwork edges

What is Formwork edge protection? It is the installation of edge protection products on the primary or secondary beams of formwork , thus protecting workers or objects from falling from heights during the concreting slab process.

The primary and secondary beams may are either the H20 timber beam or the aluminium Beam, APAC has developed both fixing components for both two beams, totally meet your different edge protection demand for formwork tasks.

We can custom any type of edge protection for formwork edges based on your project with detailed requirements.

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APAC offers you one-stop solutions for formwork edge protection systems. APAC can provide you with free design services, drawings, and calculations for the Edge Protection System and also offers advanced 3D drawings. You can work with us to help you keep your work zone safe and secure. 


H20 Beam Clamp Edge Protection is designed to meet the required load criteria imparted on Formwork decking system arrangements.APAC has engineered its clamps to fit all sizes of timber beam sections.


Used for APAC mesh barrier & socket base, this model post offers a 1.2m height and can be positioned up to 2.4m centers for barriers.

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H20 Timber Beam Clamp installation

How to Powder Coat mesh barriers

APAC formwork edge protection is designed to meet the required load criteria imparted on Formwork decking system arrangements.

When working at the edge, the operator must wear an appropriate harness and lanyard which has been inspected and should be fixed in the appropriate position in the structure in sequence in accordance with the safe use of the restraint system.

Whether you need formwork edge protection for your brand, or you need them for your projects, APAC Builders Equipment can always satisfy your different needs.

The beam clamps from APAC edge protection are customized to specific beams (Aluminium or Timber )and are not applicable to any other formwork beams without special approval from APAC. Just send us your detailed project requirement, we will give you the best Formwork Edge Protection solution.

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Our edge protection systems have been sold all over the world for wide use in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

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