H20 beam

H20 beams are made from wood or wood-based alternatives. You can use these wooden beams for formwork in reinforced concrete systems. Because of the high load-bearing capacity, the H20 beams are widely used in construction with large spans.

Thanks to the features of lightweight and heavy-duty, it can be combined with all concrete formwork systems of construction worksites and used together with props, tripod, and forkhead.


Strength and Safety

Dimensional stability and recovery capacity after application of load. High load capacity throughout their length.



Can be used many times. Good ratio between price and uses. Easy storage.



Yellow waterproof painting, WBP phenolic glue, approved for fixing wooden structural components



Can be used as primary beam of formwork slab table and the support in wall making shuttering systems

Available options For APAC H20 beams


Costmized LOGO H20 timber beam

H20 Beams with plastic caps

H20 Beams with plastic caps

H20 beam with end-to-end joint

H20 beam with end-to-end joint

H20 beam with metal end protector

H20 beam with metal end protector

description of h20 beam

Your top-quality H20 timber beam

The timber beam plate and flanges are glued together by finger joints. So the strength of the timber beam is highly improved.

h20 beam with cap

Additional plastic or steel caps fixed on the wooden beam ends protect against mechanical damage. That ensures a long service life. 

timber i beams

For each package, the pallet is on the bottom, and Steel band for strength. Film protection to reduce the risk of scratching on these oriented wood.

H20 timber beam from the expert China supplier

APAC wholesales highly quality H20 beams. Available in various sizes, the outer parts are made of selected quality solid fir consisting of upper and lower wins and with a three-layer core. The union is designed as a notched and glued joint.

Upon request, they may come in plastic protection to reduce the risk of scratching the outer parts of the H20 beam.

We produce H20 beams just-in-time according to your needs and respect the deadlines of delivery.

how we manufacture h20 timber beam

APAC offers quality formwork and beams. Our factory has worked on this for over 10 years.  Quality wood guarantees the strength of the beams, so we selected oriented wood for timber beams from trusted wood suppliers.

The modern last generation equipment is used at our factory. All APAC’s H20 beams are environmentally friendly, certified, and correspond to the EU environmental standards. Quality control at all stages in manufacturing.

For better weather-resistant coating for wood, we use high-tech impregnation formula to increase the moisture resistance of the H20 beams. Special beams’ ends and caps fixed on the beams increase the strength and lifespan.
Our factory manufactures customers 20 kilometers of H20 beams per day. The H20 beam is successfully exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.

H20 TIMBER BEAMs on worksites

H20 is a double T-section with a height of 20 cm. It is lightweight, and easy to assemble in any formwork. The H20 beam does not crack when nailing and screwing screws.

It can be widely used:
● In slab formwork on telescopic props
● In slab formwork with cuplock scaffolding
● In girder wall or column formwork systems
● In self-climbing system for high-rise cores
● In Bracket platform with large-sized wall formwork
● for road and bridge construction

The high degree of flexibility with regard to the geometrical adjustments perfectly suits the superstructure cross-section,
Quality h20 beams accelerated the process of civil construction concreting sections while simultaneously ensuring optimized workloads.

H20 Timber Beam for concrete wall formwork

concrete wall formwork

H20 Timber Beam Edge Protection System

H20 Timber Beam Edge Protection System

Prop with H20 Timber Beam

Prop with H20 Timber Beam

H20 multipal shoring and forming

multiple forming and shoring

Trending FAQ

H20 Beam | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

H20 beams have an increasing demand in the formwork markets. You can use them for different kinds of adaptable formwork applications.
H20 beams can be an ideal choice for your formwork solutions due to their superior durability and high load-bearing capacity. This writing focuses on answering some of the most common queries you might have regarding H20 beams.

The UV radiation damages wood fibers. With long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, any kind of wood loses its durability. It becomes vulnerable to cracking and sloughing off.

Since the H20 beams are wooden members, they are also prone to damage with long-term UV exposure. So, these beams are coated with a UV radiation protection layer on the surface. This layer protects the H20 beam from damages due to UV exposure.

Yes, the H20 beams offer a cheap alternative to the traditional formwork systems. The wooden formworks are durable and reusable. So, you can reuse them many times for a long period of time.

You can easily and quickly assemble and dismantle the H20 formwork systems. This will increase your worker’s efficiency in working. Moreover, you can store the H20 beams with easy procedures.

All these features give you the advantage of a good ratio between price and use. So, the H20 beam is a cheap alternative for you.

The load capacity of the H20 beams may vary from the product of one manufacturer to another. But all the H20 beams must conform to some standards. All the manufacturers ensure to always exceed these load characteristics.

The average H20 beams exceed bending resistance capacity compliant to the certificate – DIN1052-1:1988-04. Adhering to this standard, the average H20 beam has a shear strength of ZUL Q = 11.0 kN with an average bending moment of ZUL M = 5.0 kNm.

The average H20 beams exceed the load capacity characteristic limit compliant to the certificate – DIN1052:2008-12 / Eurocode 5. Adhering to this standard, the average H20 beam has a shear strength of Vk = 23.9 kN; an average bending moment of Mk = 10.9 kNm with an average load capacity of Rb,k = 47.8 kN.

APAC always believes that the values of the section modulus and the geometrical moment of inertia apply to new or used concrete formwork H20 beam. And you have to add analogously increased factor of safety needs for severely worm beams.

You have to use a timber beam clamp to connect your H20 beams with posts and barriers. First, connect the beam clamp on the flange section of the H20 beam and secure the connection. For adjustment, you can fit these beam clamps with 40mm and 60mm H20 beams.

If you want to learn how to connect these beam clamps with the H20 beams, you can watch this video.

Figure 5 - H20 Beam ClampFigure 5 – H20 Beam Clamp

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