Formwork in construction refers to the temporary or permanent molds or structures used to hold concrete or other materials in place while they are pouring, setting, and hardening. Formwork is an essential component of any concrete construction project, such as building walls, columns, slabs, beams, and other structural elements.

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We offer a complete range of components for your formwork needs, including H20 beams, plywood formwork, and shoring props. In addition, we also provide customization services to modify the specifications according to your unique requirements. Check out our product range today and get in touch to discuss how we can meet your specific needs!


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EN 1065 Class E and Class D Shoring Props

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We are proud to offer direct factory sales, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing you with top-quality products and services. From design to production and delivery, we are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Don’t hesitate – contact us today to learn more about how we can support your construction projects!

Applications of formwork

plywood formwork applications
plywood film formwork


APAC was founded in 2014 and has a professional technical service team, we can design and
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We can be contacted directly via email or phone. Many of APAC’s sales have engineering backgrounds and are fluent in English and can address your questions more quickly and directly.

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