Fire Retardant PVC Mesh Sheet

The Fire retardant PVC mesh sheet has been designed in conjunction with the scaffolding industry professionals. It is a reusable, portable, temporary scaffold netting system, for scaffolding containment of falling or flying debris and worksite fire-retardant.

APAC has developed some key features to make the PVC mesh sheet that is high-strength, durable and easier to install than the traditional debris netting.

We have flexibility in our manufacturing and happy to help you with a variety of custom modifications, color, lengths and sizes. Just tell us what you need!

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Fire retardant PVC mesh sheet is a kind of safety netting mainly used for various building sites, especially for high-rise building, which can ensure the building under fully enclosed constructing.

This kind of scaffold netting has good flame retardant, high strength, heat and UV-resistant. And it is light weight, easy to be set up and removed. Benefit from the durability, anti-aging and corrosion resistant, it can be use many times if properly used and stored.

Description of Fire retardant PVC mesh sheet

PVC fireproof mesh sheet is made of 100% polyester knitted mesh fabric and coated with PVC, then blow holes with high pressure and drying it. 

The final product – fire retardant PVC mesh sheet is made through cutting, hemming, sewing or heat welding hem, and adding reinforced eyelets (aluminum or brass)with different sizes.
Not only scaffold netting, it can be used as windscreens, privacy fence screens, construction site safety fence, truck covers, pool covers and shade cloth.

The main yarn density of PVC fireproof mesh sheet are 250D*250D, 1000D*1000D, 1500D*1500D and 2250D*2250D. Color, weight can be customized according to need or sample.

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Fire Retardant Containment Mesh
In order to deliver the highest quality fire retardant mesh products to customers, we have a strict quality control management system. Our services include product design and testing, material selection and sourcing, warehousing, distribution, and delivery as well as quality assurance.
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Trending FAQ

Fire Retardant PVC Mesh Sheet | A Complete FAQ Guide

Fire retardant PVC mesh sheets are made from a combination of polyester and PVC material or polyvinyl chloride. PVC sheets with fire retardant properties can be used as a safe material in case of any fire incidents. It also helps to comply with legal standards in different kinds of construction.For getting the fire retardant properties, manufacturers treat the PVC mesh sheets with special types of chemicals. The mesh sheets are commonly used for different kinds of temporary usage. Due to their excellent weather resisting capabilities and a heavy-duty material, you can use them for outdoor usage.Figure 1 - Fire Retardant PVC Mesh Sheet Are Available In Different Colors

Due to the relevant properties and suitability in usage, PVC mesh sheets are widely used in applications like fences in different kinds of construction sites. They are also resistant to harmful UV rays. So, they do not easily wear if you use them in applications under direct sunlight. The PVC mesh sheets are highly capable of resisting reactions like oxidation.

Figure 2 - PVC Mesh Sheets In Application Example

So, they can prevent natural degradation in environmental elements. Moreover, one of the common issues with any materials in outdoor application usage is its heat resisting capabilities. Continuous exposure under direct sunlight for a long time generates high heat. High heats are a natural enemy for many materials because it accelerates the rate of deterioration on the material surface and fades the material.

In this regard, you can completely rely on PVC mesh sheets due to their heat-resisting properties. They do not lose the surface luster and don’t deteriorate against long-term exposure to sunlight. So, different advertising companies prefer PVC mesh sheets as materials for their exhibition tents, sunshades, light boxes, etc.

Fire retardant PVC mesh sheets are widely used in construction industries for different purposes. They are commonly used as scaffold netting to offer the suitable protection for workers. You can use them for temporary purposes at a construction site and reuse them at other sites for suitable uses.

All these properties contribute to PVC material for outdoor usage. In case of any normal to serious fire hazards, usage of these sheets can make a big difference since they help with reducing the spread of fire. So, they are highly recommended as safe material in different kinds of industrial usage due to fire-retardant properties.

Yes, there are differences between materials with fire resistance and fire retardant materials. Although you may often get confused between these two properties, you must know the specific differences since they are important safety concerns. The main difference between them is what they are designed for and how they react to an incident of fire.

Fire retardant materials:

The fire retardant materials are designed so that they can extinguish themselves in fire incidents. The manufacturers treat fire retardant materials with different kinds of chemicals so that a very slow pace of ignition and burning occurs when they are exposed to open fire.

In summary, you can say that fire retardant materials will retard, delay or slow down the spread of flames in case of any fire incidents. This is how they contribute to safety in case of any fire hazards.

Fire-resistant materials:

The fire-resistant materials are designed so that they can withstand an extreme amount of heat. So these materials will not get during any kind of fire incident, which helps to avoid the dripping effect. Moreover, if you remove the source of fire away from these materials, they can self-extinguish themselves.

So, for fire-resistance materials, you can understand that they can prevent the spread of fire and withstand a high amount of heat to avoid melting and dripping. Fire-resistant materials are widely used in the clothes of firefighters, power and electric utility workers, etc.

The natural PVC mesh fabrics are not fire-retardant materials. The manufacturers go through some processes to make them fire-retardant. The manufacturers start the process by using polyester material to make the mesh fabrics. These fabrics are then coated with PVC plastic material on both sides.

This second stage is the most important phase where the manufacturers introduce the newly coated mesh textile to very high pressure. This dries the exterior layer to convert material to PVC mesh fabric. The final fabric offers a good fire-retardant property to the sheet.

The common advantages of PVC mesh sheets are:

  • They have high hardness and mechanical properties.
  • They slow down the spread of fire in any kind of fire hazard.
  • They are built with eyelets so that you can easily attach and install them for different applications without damaging the main fabric.Figure 2 - PVC Mesh Sheets In Application Example
  • They are highly resistant to different kinds of chemicals.
  • They are a very lightweight material, which offers high portability.
  • PVC mesh sheets offer a good insulation against electric conductance.
  • The outer surface is less susceptible to dust accumulation. You can also easily clean the surface dust by wiping off.

Yes, fire retardant mesh sheets can last as long as a normal PVC mesh sheet. The treatment done for fire-retardancy does not affect the durability of PVC mesh sheets. They will still continue to provide the same wear-resistant, UV resistant, and other features when you use them for indoor or outdoor activities. So, you can expect them to be highly durable for a long time.

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