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In 2014, falls accounted for an alarming 40% of all construction fatalities. APAC Scaffold tags can advise workers to notice fall protection, stay away from exposed areas at heights, and more.

APAC Scaffold Tags are often designed to keep workers safe, but also to keep passersby safe. Construction Scaffold Tags prevent intruders and inform readers that entry may result in injury or death, ensuring that the site remains safe even without any workers present.

Customize Your Scaffold Tags

APAC manufacturers an entire line of Scaffold Tags, within the sort of plastic safety tags, self-laminating safety tags, and sturdy safety tags.

APAC Scaffold Tags draw attention to potentially dangerous or unusual conditions in factories and construction sites. Scaffold Tags with highly visible printed headings (Danger – Caution – Caution) are effective both indoors and outdoors. APAC Scaffold tags provide essential accident prevention information on a durable safety/warning label.

Construction workers are constantly at risk of injury and accidents due to moving equipment, falling objects, and working at heights. APAC Construction Scaffold tags provide warnings and notifications of these hazards and indicate the correct personal protective equipment needed on site.

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APAC Scaffold Tag System

APAC supplies good quality scaffold tags, they will alert workers to power lines, guide operating power tools, and much more.

green tag scaffolding

Green scaffolding tags indicate that a section of scaffolding has been inspected and certified as completely safe to use.

red tag scaffolding

Red scaffolding tags are usually marked STOP. They mark a piece of scaffolding or a scaffolding structure as unsafe. Workers should not use it.

yellow scaffold tag

Yellow scaffolding tags identify a piece of scaffolding or a scaffolding structure as not meeting every safety requirement. 

scaffold inspection tags

Comply with OSHA. Protect the safety of workers by identifying hazards and helping to eliminate scaffold accidents.

Safety printable scaffolding Tag

scaffold tags printable

Printing of all tag holders and inserts can be customized as your requirement of Text, Logo, Dept, etc.


mobile tower scaffold tags

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Safety Tag Kit for safety inspections and tagging of mobile aluminium scaffold towers.

APAC helps you warn employees to stay back, point out alternate routes around the job site, and provide information about when to patch holes by putting the scaffold tags incorrect position. Because workers may get caught between machines or moving objects if no significant signs/warnings.

Disaster strikes when employees don’t wear hard hats, gloves, safety undershirts, or other valuable equipment. Scaffold tags can alert users to the need for PPE, explain where it is needed on the job site, and show the location of PPE.

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scaffolding tag holder

scaffold tag inserts

scaffold tag standard kit

scaffold tag kit

APAC also supply scaffold  tags. The are used to save your workers’ lives. With APAC scaffold tags, you can easy to know a scaffold is safe or unsafe to use.

Inspection and tagging of scaffolds is to be performed by qualified personnel with experience in erecting scaffolds and following APAC manual instruction.

All scaffold tags shall be clearly marked with a unique scaffold identification tag number for tracking purposes.

All scaffolding shall be inspected after erection in accordance with regulatory requirements.

All scaffold  tags will be in solid green, yellow or red with black lettering.Information is displayed and completed on the front of each tag.

The scaffold tags are made from high quality PVC materials, you can wirte on it by erasable pen. The size of the tag is customized, the thickness of the tag can be 0.5mm, 1mm.

Quality Scaffolding Tags

scaffolding tag

We have a complete set of manufacturing equipment, which enables us to meet customer requirements for custom-made products. We have more than years of experience in producing scaffolding tags. Our scaffolding tag is of great quality, and all the products are subject to quality inspection. We have a complete set of manufacturing equipment, which enables us to meet customer requirements for custom-made products.

We provide our customers with different types of scaffolding tags. The price is reasonable, and the service is good! If you have any needs for scaffolding tags, please feel free to contact us!

Applications OF scaffold inspection tags

Construction Scaffold Tags are an excellent choice for a variety of applications. These tags are designed to be used on scaffolding and other construction equipment. The tags can be used in addition to any other safety precautions to ensure that workers are aware of the risks involved in their jobs.

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If you are seeking a qualified supplier for the scaffold tags, APAC is really your best choice. We help you to ensure job site safety.

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Trending FAQ

Scaffold Tags | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Scaffold tags are simply information display cards. You can attach the scaffold tags with a scaffold to exhibit the status of the scaffold. With the scaffold tags, you can indicate whether it is safe to use, with other cautious messages. This is an important safety element of the scaffolding systems.

The scaffold tags use different kinds of colours to display the type of message efficiently. So, the workers can easily identify the meaning of the signage. You have to follow specific colour codes to indicate the urgency and type of message you want to relay.Figure 1 - Typical Scaffold TagsFigure 1 – Typical Scaffold Tags

You need the scaffold tags to indicate whether they are safe to use or not. You need them for the following applications:

  • First-time scaffold usage:If you set up scaffolding on the construction site for the first time, you need to check several factors to ensure its validity. Once you are satisfied with all the checked results, you can use the scaffold tags to mark the scaffolding safe for use.
  • Regular checks:In the construction sector, the workers rely on scaffolding systems to perform various operations at elevated heights. So, you have to perform regular checks on the scaffold to ensure they are suitable to provide safety for workers.
    After each regular check, you need to note the check date to record the validity of the scaffold, together with the date of the next check. So, the workers can also check the validity of the previous check.
  • After temporarily not being used:There are several reasons why you need to stop construction works in an area temporarily. After restarting works, you need to validate the safety of the scaffold and use scaffold tags to indicate whether they are ready for use.
  • Under modification/maintenance of scaffolding:Scaffoldings are not suitable for use during modification or repair works.  Any worker might get seriously injured if he unknowingly starts operating an unsafe scaffold before it is safe and ready. So, you can use scaffold tags to indicate that they are not valid to use.

Standard scaffold operational procedure: Even during the normal times when the scaffolds are ready to use, you need scaffold tags to indicate to the workers that they are safe to use for their construction works.

The scaffold tags primarily use three colors. These are:

  • Green scaffold tags: The green color is generally used to indicate something related to safety. You can use the green scaffold tags to indicate ‘safe for use’ scaffold. Before declaring the safety, an appropriate scaffold supervisor needs to perform inspection checks following regular checklists.
    They have to ensure that all the scaffold components are perfectly installed following the manufacturer’s guidelines and safe for operation.

Figure 2 - Green Scaffold TagFigure 2 – Green Scaffold Tag

  • Red scaffold tags: The red color is generally used to indicate something dangerous. The red scaffold tags are used as a warning sign.
    In some cases, the scaffold may miss an inspection or not be suitable for usage for any kind of reason. Then you can use the red scaffold tags to indicate that the scaffold is not ready to use.
  • Yellow scaffold tags: The yellow color is generally used to advise caution or warning. For scaffoldings, you may use the orange scaffold tags to advise that workers must be cautious while using the scaffold.
    This is a common case when you may have modifications or alterations in the feature that may influence the security of the scaffolding. In these cases, use the orange scaffold tags to advise the workers to use complete body protection before using the scaffolding.

The scaffold tags are designed innovatively for easy installation and changing the signage. The main component of the scaffold tags is the holder. You have to insert the scaffolding member through the top hole in the scaffold holder and attach them.

Figure 3 - Red Scaffold Tag Holder With Green And Yellow CardFigure 3 – Red Scaffold Tag Holder With Green And Yellow Card

The front surface of the holder is red colored with the labeling not to use the scaffold. That means the red color or ‘Don’t use’ sign is the default sign. This is designed to ensure that no one will be using the scaffold until the scaffold inspector adds other signage for safe usage.

The holder also has an area to write the reference number. Each scaffold tag has an individual reference number to identify individual scaffolds where they are attached for reference.

Once you have installed the holder with the scaffolding, you can easily change the signs following the condition you want to display. You have to use green or yellow colored cards to change the signs. You can insert it into the tag holder. On the cards, you can write additional descriptions to provide further details on the scaffolding.

The scaffold tags are manufactured with PVC plastic materials, which will allow you to write on them. You can also use a rewritable pen to erase the previous writings and add new ones.

The green and yellow scaffold cards also have different kinds of information slots so that you can write additional information on them.

Only the scaffold inspector can install, change or sign the scaffold tags. The scaffold inspector must have adequate knowledge and experience in the scaffolding erection system.

To avoid and minimise the risk of any kind of hazard, you must put restrictions so that normal construction workers without proper scaffolding knowledge don’t interact with these scaffold tags.

There is no fixed requirement by OSHA that you have to install scaffold tags with all the scaffoldings. But it is beneficial if you use scaffold tags wherever applicable to add extra safety and security for your construction site.

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