red tag scaffolding

According to the worksite safety regulatory authorities, the scaffold must be inspected prior to being used. So the scaffold tags are designed to ensure that all the concerned people are well aware of the current status of the scaffolding structure.
In Scaffold Tag System, a red scaffold tag indicates the scaffold is unfit for use.
And the scaffold tag shall list the project number and name and date of the inspection, as well as the reason for being red (i.e., “erection” “dismantling” “repairing”).
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We offer standard sizes red scaffolding tags, hole reinforced tags or red scaffold tag holders and inserts.
Red Scaffolding tags can be designed as each customer’s requirements with or without the customization of company name / logo / location / language, etc. in different captions.



warning-do not use

Waring-Do Not Use

Incompleted Scaffold tag


Red Plastic Tag Holder

scaffold DNU inserter



warning scaffold tag holder

how we manufacture scaffolding safety tags

APAC Builder Equipment LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of construction worksite safety products. We have been cooperating with the professional manufacturer specializing in safety LOTO products for many years, which always enables us to manufacture products according to your needs.
Our scaffolding tag products help customers’s worksite increase safety, security, productivity and performance, including high-performance scaffolding inspection tags, scaffold tag holders and inserts, scafftag kits.
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Our red scaffolding tag is of great quality, all the products are subject to quality inspection before shipment.

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We also have a well-trained team for customer service and technical support for our customers. We can provide you with complete services including design and development, production, installation, maintenance, etc.

red scaffolding tags used on worksites

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