Edge Protection for Steel Structure

Unlike concrete buildings, steel structures are mainly protected by steel structure edge protection. If the edge protection of steel structures is covered early in construction, the operator’s safety at work can be greatly ensured. The steel structure edge protection is designed to perfectly suit the needs and diversity of safety procedures for steel installation. 

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We mainly provide several ways to operate the system for steel structure edge protection solutions, such as top bolted, clamped, and welded to horizontal steelwork. These systems above for the steel structure edge protection are classified by the fixing operation.


Using I-Beam bracket as a fixing component clamped to the horizontal beams of the steel frame. very easy to set with a adjustable screw.


Using I-Beam Facade Bracket as a fixing component bolted onto a steel beam of the steel frame, can be set up at ground level in advance.

Why Choose Our Steel Structure Edge Protection?

APAC has engaged in edge protection systems since 2014; our edge protection system is suitable for concrete structures, steel structures, frame structures, formwork, stairway, etc.

We place a high value on quality assurance in our business. Keeping quality control at the top of our priorities ensures the highest quality in all products we deliver. Our quality assurance team regularly inspects raw materials, finished goods, incoming materials, and outgoing products to ensure compliance with standards.

The APAC edge protection system for steel structures can accommodate several applications, such as surface-mounted, non-drilling clamps that avoid anchor fixings.

So if you have a steel structure project, and you want to improve the safety condition of the worksite for your workers. APAC is your best choice. We can supply more competitive prices with exceptional products than your local market.  

We are also committed to providing excellent customer service. You can reach us by phone or email, and we will always respond within 24 hours.

Steel Structure Edge Protection:
Fast installation

Where possible, the APAC edge protection system can be installed at ground level before the erection of the steel frame, thus significantly reducing the risk of working at height.

  • For the I-beam Facade Bracket system for the steel structure edge protection, the fixing component is an i-beam facade bracket anchored to the steel column’s edge.
  • For the steel structure I-beam facade bracket system, the steel sections should be checked to ensure that the pre-drilled holes are to the correct spacings before securely fixing the components.
  • Positional (i.e., vertical) adjustments can be made before attachment to the steel structure frame. Ensure that the minimum gap is left between the final steel structure work surface level and the bottom of the obstruction, eliminating the need to reposition the system at a later stage as much as possible.

Materials for steel structure edge protection

The steel structure protection system uses 195 steel for the mesh barriers and 235 steel for the I-beam bracket.

  • Q235 steel is a type of carbon structural steel widely used throughout China. Additionally, it is referred to as Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, and Q235D. Since it is mild steel, it is not required to be heat treated before use. Q represents the yield point, and 235 indicates the yield strength.
  • Q195 steel is a Chinese grade of carbon import steel that has high versatility, continuity and weldability, high weight, and good workability, but still low quality. The “q” stands for yield quality, and “195” indicates a yielding quality of 195 mpa.

surface treatment for you

All of our metal products undergo surface treatment before shipping in order to achieve color and corrosion resistance.

The most common treatment was powder coating and zinc galvanizing. We give pre-treatment of metal prior to treatment, to ensure the coating is durable and long-lasting.

surface treatment
  • Powder-coated – Also known as electrostatic powder coating, is a surface treatment method in which plastic powder is sprayed on the parts to increase the luster of the mesh barrier so that a protective coating is attached to the surface.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized – Steel immerses in a molten zinc bath to create durable and tough zinc alloy layers. It provides maximum corrosion protection for steel when used outdoors.

Standard guide for you


AS/NZS 4994.1:2009


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