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safety net system

Construction safety net is a knitted mesh used to wrap buildings for safety, protecting workers. Construction safety nets are the safest and most cost-effective fall prevention system in the world.

Our construction safety net which is knitted by high-density polyethylene, allows air to pass through. It also has a good flame retardant effect and long service life.

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Safety Netting is the most economical and cost-effective solution for ultimate safety on the construction site. It is used as vertical debris protection in windy areas, sandblast curtains, scaffold enclosures, vision barrier, wind protection, protection of pedestrians, vertical & horizontal debris netting and other safety uses.

If you would like your safety nets in specified colors, just reach out to a member of our team, we can make the nets in any color required.

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Fireproof pvc safety net

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how manufacture Fireproof pvc safety net

 It is made of High-strength polyester fabric and coated with PVC, then blow holes with high pressure and dry it to be PVC Mesh Fabric. 

Through cutting, hemming, sewing, and adding eyelets (Aluminum/Brass), it can be made to different sizes.

This product has the same usage as PE Mesh Net, but its one big advantage is durable, reusable, beautiful.

If you and your project need Fireproof PVC safety nets, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any worksites!

Applications OF SAFETY NETS

Building construction safety net is widely used in various construction sites especially for high-rise buildings by enabling wholly sealed construction, scaffold safety protection, debris protection, work high above ground, power station, ship, water construction, and various working sites.

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