scaffold tag inserts

Scaffold tag inserts are an important part of the scaffold tag kit and are used in helping to identify working at height hazards and efficiently managing scaffolding inspection procedures from the first build to dismantle.
Our range of scaffolding tag inserts can be easily attached to scaffold tag holders to give a clear indication of the current status of the scaffold, helping you to comply with rules and regulations regarding scaffolding construction.
A complete range of versatile scaffold tag inserts is available to you at APAC. Our worldwide customers grow every year due to our competitive prices and friendly service.
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APAC scaffold tag inserts Series

standard Scaffold Tag insert

Scaffold Inspection
Tag Inserts

Enables you to record details including load class, reference numbers, locations and inspection schedules

Large Multi-Functional Scaffold tag Holder


Clearly and wide duty warnings for better visibility, important information not hindered by side lugs of the holder

narrow Scaffold Tag insert


Made from all synthetic materials to ensure their durability, fit most standard narrow holders.

green Scaffold Tag insert (front)


Come in a variety of shapes & sizes to accommodate many situations

red scafftag insert

Red Scaffold Tag Insert

Meets the standards: ANSI Z53.1-1967, ANSI Z535-2006, OSHA 1910.145

Yellow Polyester Scaffold Tag Insert

Yellow Scaffold Tag Insert

Made of polyester and comes packaged 100 per pack

Green on Yellow Scaffold Tag Insert2

Green on Yellow
Scaffold Tag Insert

These scaffold tag inserts frequently have text printed on them. Printed CAUTION.

2-sides Green and Yellow Scaffold Tag Insert

2-sides Green and Yellow Scaffold Tag Insert

Used with the scaffold tag holders to provide system, procedural and legal compliance for scaffolds at worksites.

custom branded
scaffold tag insert

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Safety Tag Kit for safety inspections and tagging of mobile aluminium scaffold towers.

Quality scaffold tag systems wholesale

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Our aim is to provide the best worksite safety products and supports in the construction industry, protecting the lives of your workers.
We have been cooperating with the professional manufacturer specializing in safety LOTO products for many years. All of APAC’s green tags scaffolding comply with the OSHA standards and recommendations.
APAC offers a variety of different scaffolding tags products, such as scaffolding tag kits, scaffolding tags insert and holders.
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Scaffolding Tag inserts For Verifying Scaffolding Safety

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