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According to OSHA and HSE requirements, all scaffolds shall be inspected after erection. Unique scaffold identification tags must be clearly identified for tracking purposes. These scaffold inspection tags help inform workers that the scaffolding has been inspected and is in good condition.
Inspection and tagging of the scaffold are to be performed by a competent worker experienced in the erection of the scaffold.
The scaffold inspection tags are updated weekly, especially after the following events that could affect the safety of the structure, such as alterations, bad weather, or an earthquake.
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scaffold inspection tags Direct from the Safety Experts

There are a number of scaffold inspection tags on the market, but it is very important to use the ones that have been designed specifically to meet all the safety-relevant to scaffolds.
The APAC scafftags improve durability and readability in tough conditions. They are designed to withstand moisture, grease, and dirt. You can use a pen or permanent marker for easy on-site marking and recording.
There are green, yellow, or red color scaffold inspection tags for each special meaning:
Green Scaffold Tags: safe for use; Yellow Scaffold Tags: “CAUTION” ; Red Scaffold Tags: “DANGER – DO NOT USE”
The scafftags should include the project number, the inspection date and the name of the person who performed the inspection filled in on the front of the card.

hole reinforced scaffold inspection tag

hole reinforced
scaffold inspection tag

● Made from 10 mils thick plastic
● Hole reinforced with a metal eyelet
● Digitally printed with long-lasting, UV resistant inks

scaffold inspection tag

● 10-mil poly-based tags, lasting longer
● Tear-resistant from incidental pulls and snags
● Ideal for indoor and short-term outdoor

Safety Printable Scaffolding Tag

free printable
scaffold inspection tags

  • Made from durable PVC material
  • Tags are printed on both sides
  • The scuff-resistant, matte-finished surface is easy to write on.
  • Fully customized color, LOGO, info

Green / Yellow
scaffold inspection tag

  • Comply with the OSHA Scaffolding Standard
  • Durable and reusable
  • Fit most standard scaffolding tag holders
Scaffold inspection Tag Aramco

Scaffold Inspection Tag
Aramco Standard

● Comply with Saudi Aramco requirements
● Provides a clear inspection record, easy to use
● GREEN and YELLOW scaffold tags are not reusable


scaffold tag standard kit

Scaffold Inspection tag Kit
(10 Holder & 20 Tags)

● Visually bright and symbolic to help prevent hazards
● Durable and quality, fit all type of scaffolding
● Save money on buying these items separately

Professional scaffold inspection tags Supplier

APAC is your construction worksite safety products supply superstore. We offer thousands of safety products from our own factories and related trusted manufacturers.
There is a huge selection of scaffold tags for sale that are OSHA and ANSI compliant and printed directly onto durable materials.
In addition to printed in English only, we also offers a wide selection of Arabic, Spanish, and multilingual language. You can create your own scaffold tags by our template or your own design.
We provide a variety of sizes and materials to ensure that your scafftags are perfect for your worksite.
If you need any assistance or require it, you can contact our team directly.

Quality Meets Excellence

scaffolding tag

Quality assurance is a key part of our business. We have a strict quality control management system to ensure that the best products are delivered to customers. Our quality assurance team performs periodic inspections on all raw materials, as well as on incoming material and outgoing products to make sure they meet the exact standards set by the standard.

We also provide a high level of customer service, which is another important aspect of our business. Our clients can contact us easily via phone or email, and we will always reply within 24 hours.

Material Selections


PF cardboard is pulp-free, they do not contain wood pulp or paper like ordinary cardboard, flexible, tear-resistant, and suitable for indoor or outdoor short-term use.


High strength, tear resistant, weather resistant, chemical resistant to dirty and greasy environments, suitable for indoor and outdoor temporary marking applications


HS-Laminate is a composite material that is very strong, with a matte finish and easy to write on. It is tear-resistant, weatherproof and chemical-resistant, and suitable for use in extreme weather.

Wide Applications for Scaffolding Industry

Although scaffold tag systems are not a legal requirement, there are guidelines in OSHA 1926.451 (a) (3): no scaffold shall be erected, moved, dismantled or altered except under the supervision of competent persons. These conditions must be evaluated and adequately provided for. All equipment must be inspected to ensure that it is in good condition.
Scaffold inspection tags promote a safe work environment, keeping scaffolding workers aware of potential hazards and reinforcing important safety precautions.

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