colorful scaffold tag holder

scaffolding tag holder

Scaffold tag is a complete scaffold management system which is designed to warning the scaffolding’s sisuation. It complies with OSHA’s regulations, and comprise durable, high visibility, weatherproof tag holders and inserts, fiting all standard scaffolding.
The scaffolding tag holders are made from high-strenth ABS engineering plastic and compatible with mainstream inserts.
And these tags have the added benefit of being able to be fitted after the scaffold has been erected. So you can replace a new tag holder when the existing one has been damaged.
For orders of over 500 tag holders, we are able to customise them with your company content, logo etc.
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APAC Builders Equipment

Scaffolding tag holders Suppliers in China

We offer international standard sizes scaffolding tag holder, large or slim type. APAC Scaffold Tag Holder is made from durable ABS that is temperature resistant & weatherproof.
All of the components of scaffold tag holders can be customized, including the company logo, customer’s contact information, and so on. Fully customized size and color are also available.


International Standard Scaffolding Tag holder

Dimension: 92mm(L) × 309mm(H)
Material: ABS

Large Multi-Functional Scaffold tag Holder

Large Multi-Functional Scaffold tag Holder

Dimension: 184mm(L) × 260mm(H)
Material: ABS

narrow Scaffold Tag insert

Safety Lockout
Scaffold Holder Tag

Dimension: 56mm(L) × 213mm(H)
Material: ABS

osha tagout scaffold tag holder

OSHA tagout
Scaffold Tag Holder

Dimension: 92mm(L) × 213mm(H)
Material: ABS



Dimension: 92mm(L) × 325mm(H)
Material: ABS


Scaffolding Tag Yellow, Red & Green Aramco

printable scaffold tag holder with PVC inserts

Dimension: customized
Color: white, yellow, orange, red

how we manufacture scaffolding tag holder

APAC has been cooperating with the professional manufacturer specializing in safety LOTO products for many years. All of APAC’s green tags scaffolding comply with the OSHA standards and recommendations.
APAC offers a variety of different scaffolding tags products, such as scaffolding tag kits, scaffolding tags insert and holders.
We will continue to enhance our range of worksite safety products to enable workers getting their job done with ease and untimately improving their productivity while meeting the safety standards of their industries.
Contact our consultant for details, availability and MOQ, we look forward to serving you!

APAC scaffolding tag holder details

why choose APAC

your reliable scaffolding tags supplier
  • Offers a huge selection of scaffolding tags for sale
  • Manufactured and shipped from China
  • Compliant with OSHA, ANSI, ISO, and other standards.
  • Outdoor durability
  • Fully worksite safety solutions 
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Free samples are available
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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