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canada temporary fence

The Canada Temporary Fence is an ideal solution for temporary site security, which is wildly used in Canada and Europe. They can be installed quickly and easily to form an enclosure around a specific area.
Our temporary fence can be used many times, so it is wildly seen in construction site protection, events, specific area boundary.

● Durable and well structured for adds extra strength
● Reusable, keep your low cost
● Removal panels and feet, Easy to transport
● Galvanized or powder-coated surface, long lifespan
● Suitable to all kinds of surrounding even on rugged ground

canada temporary fence SYSTEM COMPONENTS


temp fence panels

Welded by a square tube frame and wire mesh panel

Fence Feet

support fences standing,  easy to install or disassemble


Top Connector

Connect fence panels at the top of the fence

fence accessories

Optional temp fence accessories as requested

APAC Builders Equipment

Wholesale canada temporary fence by TYPES

Each fence type provides more detailed information on each item, you can click ” more details ” for the dimensions and features.
Our consultants are always on-call to help you choose the best solution for your temporary fence system.
And you can request a free online quote today to get the newest price.

green CA temporary fence

6' × 8' fence panel

Panel size:  6′ (H)× 8′ (L), equal to 1.8 m × 2.4 m

Frame pipe OD:  30 × 30mm, 40 × 40mm optional       

Frame pipe thickness:  2.0mm

blue CA temporary fence

6' × 10' fence panel

Panel size: 6′ (H)× 10′ (L), equal to 1.8 m × 3.0 m

Frame pipe OD:  30 × 30mm, 40 × 40mm optional       

Frame pipe thickness:  2.0mm


CUSTOMized fence panel

Different specifications are available according to your inquiry or detailed drawings

APAC - Your Temporary Fence Leaders

APAC is a Chinese leader in providing safe, effective, and dependable construction worksite safety products and solutions. In the construction safety boundary area, We have provided high-quality temporary fencing and barriers to worldwide clients for over 10 years.

All our temp fencing and steel barricades are manufactured in China. Skilled workers use Full Welding & Hand Welding for optimum strength & stability. The temporary fencing panels are pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized. They can be durable even in the harshest environments.

More details About APAC canada temporary fence

Quality Meets Excellence

painted fence project to canada
APAC has been manufacturing quality products since 2014. Our goal is to provide you with quality products at the best possible price while providing the highest level of service and support
From the very beginning, we have carefully observed and listened to the demands of the fencing market. Your requirements can be always met by tailoring our services.
Contact us today and see why we are one of the leaders of temporary fencing in China.

surface treatment for you

We offer a wide range of services, including temporary fencing, chain link fence and more.

Our team has extensive experience in the design and installation of temporary fencing systems, from consultation to project management. We work closely with clients to provide customized solutions based on their needs, budgets and schedules.

We have a variety of finishing options available that include:

  • Powder Coating
  • Zinc Galvanizing
  • Spray Painting

Canada temporary Fencing applications gallery

APAC Builders Equipment

OPTIONAL canada temporary fence accessories

We supply all the accessories you need to ensure a solid and secure Canada temporary fencing solution – braces, security clamps and more.
We can even supply accessories quickly and in large quantities for panels you already own.
If you would like a detailed quote instead please click on the Request Quote button​.

Wind Brace

Options for support in strong wind conditions

ca temp fence gate wheel

Gate Wheel

to create a swing gate and allow easier access for vehicles

Custom Printed

Logo or graphics printed on solid sticker or fence screens

Security Stable Clamp

Bolted connections to reduce the movement

stable platform for laying panels on concrete jersey barriers. Securely fixed to the concrete jersey barriers

Jersey Barrier Bracket

For laying panels on concrete jersey barriers

workplace safety signs

To identify and warn the  potential hazards

why choose APAC

Your Leading Temporary Fencing Specialist
  • Offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions
  • The applicable scope from construction sites to outdoor locations
  • Fully temp fencing solutions with complete fencing kits
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Assist with any questions you have about temporary fencing
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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