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Temporary fencing is an alternative option to permanent fencing. It is usually used when a fence is required on an interim basis, such as area boundary to keep intruders out, to venue division at large events or to control crowds at sports, festivals and parades.
Although durable fence panels are rarely good enough on their own, according to different usages, temporary fences also need different accessories to serve myriad purposes, adding value.
Some options available accessories for temporary fencing include:
● Temporary Fence Base block
● Fence Brace for Temporary Fencing
● Temporary Fence Screening
● Temporary Fence Gates
● Etc.
APAC goal is to make your worksite safer. From saving you money to boosting your business, APAC will always be your ultimate partner.

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The Ultimate Temporary Fencing Solutions

APAC offers a full range of temporary fencing accessories to install and secure your temp fencing. These accessories will help you to improve your worksite security during progress. Each part serves a unique and specific purpose.
Below, we’ll go over each category of accessories for temporary fencing, and each has a host of different product options within them.
Don’t hesitate to ask our specialists to wholesale these accessories. We can supply your needed quantities.

temporary fence base

keep the fence panels in place and increase the stability of the fence, ordinary be weighed down using rubber or concrete blocks


temporary fence clips

Panels need to be connected using clamps. Nuts and bolts are tightly fastened so that the fence becomes strong and sturdy.

temporary fence bracing

Steel bar attached on fence frame to keep the fence panels in place, to further increase the stability of the fence system

temp fence gate with wheels

temporary fence gate

Provide an entrance to temporary sites, to allow people or vehicles to pass-through


fence shade cloth

Prevent dust and debris from being blown from the worksite onto the surrounding spaces


Personalized nameplate on the temporary fence to lets people know who you are and what you can do.



Prevent dogs and other animals from entering the worksite, easily secured in place with temp fence clamps.

temp fence handrail-01

temp fence handrail

Temp fence handrails can be useful where the ground is particularly uneven on the pedestrian-facing side. 


Used to extend the security of commercial construction sites. Installed on the top, stretching barbed wire.



Fasten temp fence panels to concrete jersey barriers, for protection of walkways or job sites.

ca temp fence gate wheel

fence gate Wheels

Used with temp fence gates panel to provide a rolling gate that is easy to move and open as needed.


plastic temp fence kits

Contains temporary plastic fencing, metal posts and plastic ties for one-step installation.

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construction for
sites secured

Prevents unrelated people and animals from entering the work site, thereby reducing the possibility of fatal accidents or physical injuries being suffered.


for crowd control

Section off the area as privacy to eliminate an unauthorized entry, or let the traffic move in the desired direction keeping the paths clear.

temp fence for rent business

Rent / Distributor for additional revenues

No matter what your budget is, we are sure that you will find fences that suits your needs. We will be happy to help you expanding business.

Temporary fencing is a fencing type installed for short-term purposes. It serves to delimit a provisional area, and it is easy to assemble.
APAC Temporary Fences are a versatile solution, whether public or private. And they are a cost-effective option for residential and commercial projects too. You can find them in different dimensions according to your needs.
If you are interested in temporary fences, we are right here to help you. We offer expert fencing solutions to suit your projects.
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