Stair Edge Protection System

Mesh Barrier Stair Edge Protection System

Providing excellent temporary edge protection for stairs during construction, the APAC mesh barrier stair system is the perfect alternative to commonly built, temporary wooden structures. Fully versatile with our stair barrier system, this system ensures that safety is not compromised in hazardous stair environments.


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APAC Mesh Barrier Stair Edge Protection System consists of three components that can be used in combination:

  1. Stair Clamp
  2. Stair Post
  3. Stair Mesh Barrier

All Mesh Barrier Stair Edge Protection components are made from high-quality steel to provide strong and secure fall protection for stairways.

Stair system Clamp

Stair Clamp

By using this clamp, the process of drilling holes can be eliminated when installing edge protection.

Safety Post 1.2m

The Edge Protection Safedge Post 1.2m is integrated with two latch pins for locking the mesh barrier in position.

Stair Mesh Barrier

The stair mesh barrier is designed for stair slopes of 30 degrees and provides continuous edge protection along the staircase.


ADVANTAGES OF APAC mesh barrier stair edge protection system

  • One person can easily complete the installation and disassembly without the help of other tools, saving workforce and time, doubling the efficiency
  • The denser grids of the mesh barrier provide a solid structure and high protection strength
  • Signage with the company name can be fixed on the railing to provide publicity
  • Mesh can be stacked to reduce storage space and save transport costs
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What services can APAC provide you?

APAC can provide you with free design services, drawings, and calculations for the Edge Protection System and also offers advanced 3D drawings. You can work with us to help you keep your work zone safe and secure. We can custom any type of edge protection based on your project with detailed requirements.

Send us your request today and we will generate a quote with everything you need for your edge protection system project.

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