Stair Edge Protection System

Socket Base Stair Edge Protection System

During the construction phase, stairs are very common walking surfaces on construction sites. Falls from stairs can result in serious injury or even death, so you must use stairway edge protection systems in the work zone. The systems will protect workers from the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling on any walking/working surface.

The APAC socket base stairway edge protection system protects workers when they are using stairs.

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Edge Protection System - components

As a leading stair edge protection system manufacturer and supplier in China, the socket base solution for stairways is an excellent protection system for the safety of your construction sites. You can use APAC’s Socket Base Stairway Edge Protection System in all types of concrete, timber, or steel stairs.

socket base

Socket base can be installed as attachment for edge protection on the slab edge, stairs and other situations where there is a risk of falling. 

safety post 1.2m

The Edge Protection Safedge Post 1.2m is integrated with two latch pins for locking the mesh barrier in position.

Adjustable Link Bar Handrail

The adjustable link bar is used to set up collective fall protection for stairs, shafts, and openings.

why choose apac edge protection

socket base for stair edge protection system

For safety, stairs shall be equipped with at least one handrail and one stairrail system. The Socket Base Stairway Edge Protection System should be provided along each unprotected side or slab edge. The varying nature of stairs, landings, and returns often required many cutting tubes, sharp ends, and many specially constructed protections.

APAC Socket Base Staiway Edge Protection is designed to solve these problems by providing a systematic solution.

  • The system complies with EN 13374.
  • The socket bases, link bars, and stair safety posts for the stairway edge protection system are hot-dipped galvanized surface finishing.
  • Robust and durable unit with a long life and high return on investment.
  • Complete range of edge protection for you to choose from, but also brings you competitive prices.
  • What’s more, you can get free design and OEM services here.

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socket base for stair edge protection systems

free customized 3d design for you

APAC can provide you with free design services, drawings, and calculations for the Edge Protection System and also offers advanced 3D drawings. You can work with us to help you keep your work zone safe and secure. We can custom any type of edge protection based on your project with detailed requirements.

Send us your request today and we will generate a quote with everything you need for your edge protection system project.

apac latest edge protection system catalog

Download APAC Latest Edge Protection System Catalog

In addition to staircase edge protection systems, APAC offers comprehensive edge protection for concrete edges, steel structures, and formwork structures, and can be downloaded from our latest catalog for more information.


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