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Debris netting is a vital piece of equipment for protecting workers and the public. It has strong tear resistance to catch falling debris, dust, and other materials, reducing the risk of injury.



  • Length: 50–200 m, or as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Width: 2–10 m, or as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Density: 50–300 g per square meter.
  • Color: blue, green, black, yellow, red, orange, etc.
  • Opacity: 50%, 70%, 90%.
  • Packing: 5pcs, 10pcs, or 20pcs/bundle or roll packing then in plastic bags.
  • We can also pack as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Meet the OSHA Standard. (For more information about fall protection in construction, please read OSHA Official.)


  • Hazardous safety visual barrier
  • Open mesh design reduces wind loads.
  • Braided reinforcement with waterproof coating.
  • Environmentally friendly, insect, cold and corrosion resistant.
  • Easy to install, available without grommets or with grommets (can be easily fixed to scaffolding with plastic ties).
  • Available in flame retardant and non-flame retardant.
  • It does not come apart when cut.
  • Remains flexible in cold weather.
  • Long service life.

Debris Netting Types

Debris nettings come in a variety of materials and designs, there are two main design types popular on construction sites.

black vertical debris netting
  • Horizontal Debris Netting

Horizontal debris netting, as the name suggests, is a net that is set horizontally (relative to the ground) during building construction. It is used as a safety measure to prevent people from falling and construction materials or debris from flying.

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  • Vertical Debris Netting

Vertical debris nettings are safety nets hung vertically along the perimeter of a building. It is mainly used in building construction sites for overhead work, especially when the height of the building exceeds a certain standard (e.g., 4 metres). It is necessary to set up a vertical safety net that rises gradually with the wall.

Application About Debris Netting

Debris netting can be used in various scenarios, including shade netting, and can be used in multiple construction sites, especially in high-rise buildings. or can be combined with heras fencing to prevent wind-blown dust and debris from affecting the public and site personnel. It is sometimes also used in scaffolding fences, building wraps, shade nets, event nets, stage fences, etc.

Our debris nets are designed to strict standards and are exceptionally durable and fire-resistant. Our quality inspections team will carry out strict inspections on the products to ensure that every product delivered to your hands is of the best quality.

Your satisfaction and safety are very important to us, if you have different problems, trust our years of experience, contact us!

debris net for sale

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