Edge Protection System to Singapore

Edge Protection Systems to Singapore

APAC’s Edge Protection System (EPS) developed for the Singapore market uses modular components and requires only a few parts to erect. It is an universal edge protection application system with high performance, ideal for steel structures, concrete structure, timber structure and stairway in Singapore.

The APAC Edge Protection System (EPS ) for the Singapore market uses simple connections between components to form a protective structure to ensure the safety of working at height.

With its flexible modular components and various brackets, it is a Singapore industry standard edge protection system suitable for all types of installations. Such as, Flat surface of the upper slabs, Edge of the slabs, Stair Stringer and Formwork Beams etc.  

Singapore Type Edge Protection System Parts:

Socket Base

Socket Base

Socket Base is the attachment of the Edge protection system. It will be mounted to the top slab surface by the concrete screw or the M16 anchor and Double Threaded Bolt.

Safedge Post 1.2m

Safedge Post 1.2m

Safedge Post 1.2m is used as the guardrail function for the Edge Protection System. It will be locked to the Socket Base with the barrier pins in necessary position.

Safedge Barrier 2.6m

Safedge Barrier 2.6m

Safedge Mesh Barrier 2.6m is a infill panel with toe board and frame outside, it will be secured to the safedge posts by two barrier locks which are welded in the safedge post 1.2m.


Concrete Slab Application

Stairway Application

Walkway Edge Protection Application

Walkway Application

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T301 Project in Singapore

Year 2018, we had provided 3,000 linear meters edge protection systems to GS E&C for their T301 project in Singapore.

Products packed in our factory

Year 2019, GS E&C had achieved 20 million accident free man hours during the construction of the T301 Project in Singapore with the assistance of our Edge Protection System. As a edge protection system supplier to GS E&C Singapore, we are so proud to help them broke this safety records.

GS E&C T301 Project broke safety records

Year 2021, we supplied another 10,000 linear meters edge protection systems for T301 Project Phase II in Singapore.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of fall protection systems for Singapore market, we truly believe we can help protect your workers’ lives and keep them safe from accidents while working at height.
Should you have any projects in Singapore need our edge protection equipment, please feel free to contact us. Competitive price with unparalleled quality will be provided.

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