Looking for cost-effective Edge Protection Systems NZ for your New Zealand work site?

Edge Protection Systems NZ

APAC Safety offers high quality edge protection systems for multi-storey buildings in New Zealand. Our edge protection systems NZ products are manufactured in China in accordance with New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4994.1:2009.

Our edge protection systems NZ are changing the way the New Zealand building and construction industry complies with high levels of safety. We are proud to offer a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional fall protection guardrail systems.

APAC Edge Protection Systems are making New Zealanders safer when working at heights

APAC’s edge protection systems NZ are the only systems on the market that offer ‘total protection’  compared to traditional guardrail systems in New Zealand Market.
APAC’s Edge Protection Systems NZ not only protect workers from falling from height but also prevent small objects from sliding off the edge of the slabs thanks to the toe board component integrated into the mesh barriers.

Our Edge Protection Systems...

I beam clamp edge protection apac
APAC edge protection systems NZ

WorkSafe New Zealand is committed to making all construction sites compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which means that anyone working at height is required by law to take “all reasonably practicable steps” to ensure the safety of workers. With the help of our edge protection systems NZ, height safety is simple. It’s also easier for you and your team to be compliant. Our customers across New Zealand have benefited from our edge protection systems NZ.

Features of our Edge Protection Systems NZ…

Easy storage

Advanced production lines and manufacturing processes allow us to produce extremely precise and repeatable products of Edge Protection Systems NZ, all components are stored in pallets, simplifying transport to site and making storage easy.

Ensuring compliance

Our engineers have designed and tested our edge protection systems NZ in accordance with the general requirements of AS/NZS4994.1:2009 Temporary Edge Protection General Requirements. From time to time we also do in-house testing at the factory, including all the full static and dynamic tests in Appendices A, B, C and D, our edge protection systems NZ not only meet but exceed the testing requirements of the standard.

More efficient installation

Our edge protection systems NZ use fewer components – only three in a system: Foot, Post and Mesh Barrier – and are quicker to install and dismantle – 3 minutes for one worker – thus providing maximum efficiency on site.

As far as we know, APAC edge protection systems NZ are the only products in New Zealand that can offer this with infill panels not handrail/Safety Rails.

Consistent protection heights

Unlike most of our competitors, we have integrated protection heights into all our edge protection systems NZ for your convenience. This means there is no need for height measurement, thus providing a safer and more efficient working environment. Our edge protection systems NZ offer a uniform protection height of 1.2m. Ensure that your site is correctly set to a protective height in accordance with AS/NZS4994.1:2009 and is therefore considered compliant by Worksafe NZ.

Our edge protection systems NZ are unique in the market because they offer a wide range of options beyond traditional scaffold base edge protection. Please contact us for any requirements.