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APAC is your Fire Retardant Uni-mesh Manufacturer and Supplier In China. Our Fire Retardant Uni-mesh products are AWTA (Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd) Certified. Our Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is Tested and certified to Australia Standard. (AS 1530.2-1993 Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures. Part 2: Test for Flammability of Materials ).

You Can Find high-quality Fire Retardant Uni-Mesh with competitive price in APAC. Our Daily Uni-Mesh Test from Raw Material till finished product Ensures Premium Fire Retardant Uni-Mesh Material Reaching You.

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Scaffold Netting is wildly used on construction sites for the protection of people’s safety, property and traffic. 

APAC sales the only one-piece plastic brick guards, they are made in IS9001 certificated factory in China. 

APAC is a professional supplier of orange construction fence. The main color is orange, designed for warning. 

Fire Retardant Uni-mesh Background

Our Fire Retardant Uni-mesh range is manufactured to the highest quality. APAC’s Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is based on a shade cloth construction with reinforced ridges to provide additional stability and is used as an alternative to chain link fencing + shade cloth on scaffolding.

The absence of wires also means less risk of cuts and tears, and a significant weight reduction.

This safety Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is a uniquely designed and patented fire retardant safety system for enclosing scaffolding from the inside. Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is used to prevent objects from falling and to provide safety for workers using scaffolding at height. The Fire Retardant Uni-mesh has been extensively tested against similar products on the market and the results show that it is stronger and lighter.

The aim of the Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is to reduce the cost of scaffolding nets and reduce the risk of scaffolding fires.

It complies with the following Australian standards and government regulations

– AS2001.2.4

– AS1891.1

– WH & SR 2008 P20 (Queensland Government)

Fire retardant uni-mesh Aperture

Fire Retardant

Welding is one of the hazards of scaffolding in high-rise buildings. It often causes scaffold mesh to catch fire. APAC Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is a non-combustible product. It has a flammability index of 1, which is better than any other comparable product on the market. The flammability index is measured from 0 to 100, where 0 is the least hazardous. Therefore, with a flammability index of 1, APAC Fire Retardant Uni-mesh product has exceptional flame resistance.

1.95m fire retardant uni-mesh

Increase Pedestrian Safety

Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is an effective way to enclose your site. It is used in construction projects to create windbreaks and control dust, reducing the environmental impact on the surrounding area by keeping debris within the confines of the site. In addition, Fire Retardant Uni-mesh can improve the safety of pedestrians and workers by protecting tools and equipment from falling.

1.95m flame retardant uni-mesh

Durable Designed

APAC designed the Fire Retardant Uni-mesh to be reused many times. After one job use, only 50% Chain Link Fence + Shade cloth can reuse one more time. It maximum last two jobs. Other types of safety netting can last on an average of 3 jobs and a maximum of 5 jobs. But Fire Retardant Uni-mesh can last more jobs if it is properly used. This is another big save to customers.

0.95m fire retardant uni-mesh

Multiple Uses

Fire Retardant Uni-mesh has two different width, 0.95m and 1.95m. 1.95m width Fire Retardant Uni-mesh is used for normal scaffolding protection. 0.95m width Fire Retardant Uni-mesh can use it on top scaffolding deck or replace scaffolding brick guards. It can be also used as fencing and other areas.

Transport and Storage Easy

APAC Fire Retardant Uni-mesh can easily overlap or fold back. There are no bulky corners and laps. Our Fire Retardant Uni-mesh products take up little space when transport and storage.


Blue & Red are the basic colors.

We can supply other colors according to customer orders.

Product Parameters






Fire Retardant Uni-mesh









0.95m fire retardant uni-mesh width measurement

If you have any project in hand, send us your Fire Retardant Uni-mesh requirement to get a competitive price now.