Guardrail Parapet Clamp

Guardrail Parapet Clamp is an attachment of the APAC Guardrail fall protection system. It is used to mount to the slab edges, H20 Beams, Aluminium Beams, and Stair Stringers to provide base support for the guardrail system.

Guardrail Parapet Clamp is a real all-rounder, economical, and easy edge protection system. It enables you to prevent workers from being exposed to fall hazards. 

APAC Guardrail Parapet Clamp is one of the market’s most flexible and durable Guardrail systems. 

Parapet Guardrail System Usage

APAC Guardrail Parapet Clamping is manufactured for different applications. You can use APAC Parapet Clamping for slab edge fall protection, Formwork edge protection, Stairway edge protection and steel work fall protection.

guardrail Boards for Parapet Clamp


Stepless adjustment up to max. 60 cm

Simple, time saving installation

Maximal safety against fall from heights (EN13374 class A)

No loose parts (cotter)

Free-moving due to Dywidag spindle

Boards for Parapet Clamp:

Interval 1.5 m   

Interval 2.0 m

advantages of parapet clamp guardrail systems

You can find from APAC that an entire parapet clamp guardrail system can be easily installed by one person, frequently without the need for ladders or scaffolding. APAC guardrail parapet clamp improves labour productivity.

Each Parapet Clamp has a corresponding guardrail post compatible with the wood boards. This system supports step-less adjustment up to 60 cm.

The full range of Guardrail Parapet Clamping parts is manufactured with excellent raw materials. And they have their beneficial features and uses.

committed to quality, committed to you.

At APAC, Quality is the top priority, and it’s what we demand of ourselves and what we promise to our customers.

We have set up a quality control department and complete test facilities. The daily test ensures only qualified guardrail parapet clamp materials ship to you.

Our guardrail parapet clamp edge protection load is tested safe by EN 13374 & AS 4994.

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We identify situations where there might be a risk of fall for your project, and solutions are then specified at the design stage.


Your requirements can be quickly turned into prototypes that can be 3D demoed, tested, and evaluated both in our facility.


In line with ISO9001 Quality Management System, our team strictly controls every procedure to ensure the highest quality products.

parapet clamp guardrail system projects

APAC Guardrail Parapet Clamp is widely used in onshore and offshore industrial construction, commercial construction, and civil & infrastructure construction.

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