heavy duty debris netting

Debris netting is durable, heavy duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris. Additionally, this construction net allows air circulation and considerably reduces rain and wind penetration which improves the working environment for construction personnel.

APAC offers a wide range of debris netting solutions to reduce on-site accidents.Our leading debris netting prevents workers from falling injuries. Whether people are working at ground or on elevated platforms, we have a selection of debris netting systems to make sure their safety.

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heavy duty debris netting for sale

Debris nets are made generally by a strong and durable plastic. Some of the materials that gather theese features are Polyester, High density polyethylene, Polypropylene or PVC coated polyester, among others.

Available in different colors. It is also possible to manufacture it incorporating the company logo to improve its branding. On other occasions, images of the building’s façade behind it, the project, advertisements, etc. can be incorporated.


heavy duty scaffold debris netting

  • Made from UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Available specifications: 50gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 100gsm, 150gsm.etc
  • Extremely popular for scaffolding systems to protect workers.

Fire Retardant heavy duty debris netting

  • Mesh Size 2-3mm x 2-3mm
  • UV Rating 3%
  • Density : 50%
  • Roll Sizes 2m x 50m & 3m x 50m.
  • Wrapped in individual bags.
green debris netting hdpe

heavy duty debris nettings with eyelet holes

  • UV Stabilised Netting
  • Mesh size : approx 2mm
  • Knitted eyeholes along both edges and through the centre


customise colorful knit scaffold debris netting

PRINTED heavy duty debris netting

  • Material: 100% Virgin HDPE
  • UV Resistance: available upon request.
  • Shade Rate:35% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 95%
high density debris netting

high density heavy duty debris netting

  • Material: knitted knot-less virgin high density poly ethylene.
  • Weight: 300 g/m2 with reinforced edges at the side and middle.
  • UV treated (for longer life span).
heavy duty fall protection debris netting

heavy duty fall protection debris netting

  • Material 100% Virgin HDPE Resins with Anti-UV Protect Addition
  • Length: According to the Customer’s Request
  • Shade Rate:30%-90%

how manufacture ebris netting

Designed for scaffolding, also suitable for bird deterrent and garden use.

Made from high density polyethylene mono-filaments, with fixing eyelets at 13cm intervals along full length of the roll. Netting is available in Green, Blue or White (flame retardant).

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Applications of debris netting

Construction Debris Net is for construction in case of dropping of building materials or work staff, using construction net surround whole building, protecting high space work staff and walking men, also keep working place clean.

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  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
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