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Keder roof system for sale, impressive weather protection solution, fitting any modular scaffolding system.

Keder Roof Wholesale Supplier

Being one of China’s leading keder roof suppliers, APAC accepts wholesale orders to help you reduce your expenses. We offer well-crafted aluminium roof enclosure and keder roof sheeting that manufactured in our own factory.
All of our keder roof products undergo strict quality assurance testing, so we can guarantee that you only receive high-quality products that are free from defects.
APAC keder roof system provide the following advantages:
1、Simple assembly
The key to the rapid assembly is the design of claw connection for ledgers and braces, modular truss and PVC keder roof sheeting installation. That all makes it easy to handle and significantly reduces assembly and disassembly times when compared to traditional weather protection methods.
2、Safer loading and installation
Because of the high strength PVC roof sheeting, the Keder System a superior wind and snow range to Shrink Wrap. And the keder Roof can be assembled on the ground and lifted into place by a crane, more safer during the worker’s build process.
3、Available in Various Types & Sizes
We can match your scaffolding system easily because our keder roof system is available in a wide range of types and sizes. Take the keder roof sheeting for example, from GMS to fire-retardent, we have everything you need.
Although we have a lot of keder roof products you can choose from, we can also add your preferred labels and stickers on your own products to enhance your customers’ experience.

Keder Roof For Sale at APAC

Whether you need keder roof system, to build stage and grandstands or to give your scaffolding project weather protection, there are products in our range that will meet Your requirements for scaffolding temporary roof.
Among our range of keder roof structures and accessories for sale, you will find everything from flexible aluminum truss to functional roof sheets, always with a lifespan guarantee.
Regardless of what you intend to use your scaffolding for, we want to fulfill your needs and help you get exactly the right keder roof for your project!

Why Keder Roof Is the Perfect Solution for Scaffold Temporary Roof?

Keder Roof is a highly durable, reusable, Temporary Roofing System designed to work with modular Scaffolding.
1. The Keder Roof sections can be installed or dismantled easily, which saves time during the build process, ensuring that you started sooner.
2. The Keder roof Sheeting is highly durable and reusable many times. They can suit all weather conditions, saving your cost.
3. Multifunctional application, ranging from the roofing and coverings for events or normal works
All this helps your project start sooner and ensures you are keeping to your project timeline. 

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