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scaffolding caps/covers

These caps are a great way of preventing scaffold tubes from causing injury to workers and members of the public as well as preventing debris from entering the scaffold tubes. This is a very quick and easy way to promote and support health and safety.

scaffold caps


  • Available in high-visibility colors.
  • OEM is acceptable.
  • Easy to install, it secures scaffolding components quickly and effectively.
  • Effectively protects scaffolding by preventing debris from entering the scaffolding tubes.
  • Protects construction workers from injuries caused by accidental falls onto protruding steel ends.
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Types of Scaffolding cap

Scaffolding caps come in several types, each designed to serve specific purposes and fit different parts of a scaffolding system. Here are the main types of scaffolding caps:
scaffold tube end caps

scaffold tube end caps

  • Material PE
  • Size For 48.3MM/50MM tube
  • Color: yellow, orange, or as customers request
Scaffold Fitting Caps

Scaffold Fitting Caps

  • Material: PE
  • Weight: 2g
  • Size: For 1/2″ Bolt
  • Type: Screw Cap
scaffolding coupler cover

scaffolding coupler cover

  • Material: PE
  • Size: 48.3*48.3mm
  • Scaffolding Part Type: 
    Scaffolding Couplers

More details about scaffolding caps

plastic scaffold end cups

They are often referred to as pipe end protectors, or scaffold pipe caps. Tube end caps are ideal for fitting to the end of scaffold poles to prevent scaffold tubes from causing injury to workers and the public as well as preventing debris from entering the scaffold tube.

MOQ20,000 pcs
Package1000 pcs/carton 
PE plastic
10,000 PCS
  12 Kgs/CTN
10,000 Pcs/Carton
yellow plastic scaffold tube cap
plastic scaffold coupler cover

Scaffolding coupler covers are a vital safety component in construction, designed to protect workers from injuries caused by exposed rebar and couplers. These covers reduce the probability of injury by providing a protective barrier and enhancing visibility on the construction site.

Durable, reusable, and highly visible, these covers are easy to install and come in various sizes to suit different dimensions.

To learn more about our scaffolding coupler covers or to place an order, please contact us. Our professional team is ready to assist you with all your scaffolding safety needs.

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