APAC temporary handrails for construction

Temporary Handrail Systems

Temporary handrail systems are designed to provide edge protection at the leading edge of a floor, platform or walkway. APAC has specialized in edge protection systems for over 7 years and, in that time, has gained a range of experiences in working at height safety. APAC has used this experience to refine its temporary handrail systems, making the company the most professional supplier of temporary handrail systems for commercial and industrial use in China.

With one of the most versatile and innovative temporary handrail systems on the market, You can be confident that your work-at-height safety projects are in good hands with APAC.

Key Components of APAC Temporary Handrail Systems

Slab Clamp

Code: 101008
Accommodates: From 30mm–450mm.
Several installation alternatives.
Swiveling 360 degrees and reversible.
Hot dip galvanized.
Weight: 8.5kg

Safety Post - Temporary Handrail Systems

Code: 101002
1.2m height Safety posts positioned up to 2.4m centres,
Guard housing spigot feature, twin handrail connection,
Double-integrated handrail locks. 
Hot Dipped Galvanized Surface 
Weight: 5.0kg   

Extension Post - Temporary Handrail Systems

Code: 10105
0.5m height Safety posts positioned up to 2.4m centres,
Guard housing spigot feature, single handrail connection,
Integrated handrail locks. 
Hot Dipped Galvanized Surface 
Weight: 3.0kg   

Adjustable Rails- Temporary Handrail Systems

Adjustable Rails 1.5-2.5m Code: 105001
Adjustable Rails 0.9-1.5m Code: 105002
Adjustable link bars are used as edge protection for stairs, shafts, and openings.
Easily adjustable.
Swivel brackets.
Hot dip galvanized.
Weight 9.0kg, 5.0kg.

advantages of APAC's temporary handrail systems

  1. The handrails are adjustable and robust, making it easier for users to use our temporary handrail systems.
  2. The systems are available in heights from 1.1m to 2.4m high.
  3. The surface of the guardrail is galvanised to achieve the effect of rust and dust prevention, extending the product’s service life.
  4. Temporary handrail systems are quick to install and remove, saving time.
  5. Compared to wooden handrails, temporary handrail systems offer less maintenance and more excellent safety and protection after installation.

Scalability of APAC's temporary handrail system

The temporary handrail system consists of a top railing and a bottom railing parallel to the floor, walkway or platform. The system is available from 1100mm to 2360mm above the ground or stair tread enclosure.

Our temporary handrail system rails are made from scaffold tubes with an outer diameter of 48mm. They can be adjusted in length from 1500mm to 2500mm, with a distance of 500mm between the bottom railing and the floor and 1500mm between the top railing and the floor, which can be adjusted to suit your specific project.

1650mm high temporary handrail systems are recommended if falls from heights are significant. And if you need full-height edge protection, the 2360mm height temporary handrail systems are a better choice.


The temporary handrail system is capable of withstanding a single force of 600N outwards or 350N/m downwards on any part of the system. No part of the temporary handrail system will deflect more than 50mm elastically under the imposed load. In designing the temporary handrail system, we have taken into account the other loads of forces imposed by wind loads. Any part of the bottom rail is able to withstand a horizontal force of 100 N with an elastic deflection of no more than 30 mm.

APAC’s temporary handrail system fully meets the static load requirements of AS 4994.1, and it also meets the dynamic load requirements of AS 4994.1: it can withstand the impact of an object weighing 60 kg falling from a height of 1 m with an elastic deflection of no more than 50 mm.

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