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Brick guards are designed to provide robust safety solutions on construction scaffolds. These durable grid barriers, combined with scaffold handrails and toe boards, are essential for preventing bricks and debris from falling, ensuring the safety of workers.

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Upgrade your safety measures with APAC’s brick guards.The best option for your scaffolding and construction needs is APAC’s brick guards, designed for longevity, affordability, ease of use, and safety. APAC’s brick guards handle distinctive forms that provide a strong, long-lasting, and safe attachment to the railing. The unique design of APAC’s brick guard handle offers a robust, durable, and secure connection to the handrail. This secure attachment minimizes the risk of detachment, even in adverse weather conditions, thereby enhancing overall site safety. This certification provides peace of mind, knowing that the APAC’s Brick Guards meet stringent safety and quality standards.
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More details about brick guards

It is ideal for storage, delivery, and movement around the site. It is also available in any color and can be branded with your logo. Moreover, brick guards can interlock to create a 500mm overhanging section, complementing system scaffolding bays on the tube and fitting scaffold. This interlocking capability extends the coverage area, providing additional protection against falling objects.

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Packing and delivery

The normal package is a wooden pallet.  One pallet load 180 pcs.

One 20’GP may load 2,200 pcs in total.
One 40’GP may load 5,280 pcs in total.
We can also pack them according to customers’ special requests.
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The Reliable Supplier of Brick Guards in China

APAC’s Brick Guards provide unmatched strength, stability, and versatility, making them an essential safety feature for building sites.
Construction businesses can drastically lower the chance of injuries from falling objects by purchasing APAC’s Brick Guards, making the workplace safer for everyone. Because of this, APAC’s Brick Guards have integrated hooks for simple, rapid assembly that eliminates the need for extra fasteners. This design expedites the installation procedure, saving significant time on-site. These brick guards from APAC can be produced with customized branding, showcasing business logos. This customization feature enables businesses to uphold a high standard of on-site safety while promoting their brand.

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