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Compression post is a lightweight edge protection system compared to traditional ones. It is supported by the pressure between the floors, making installation fast and easy to operate.

Why is the compression post system quicker?

The key element of APAC’s compression post system is the design and operation of the adjustable compression post, which is securely positioned and locked into place from a standing position and then compressed between the concrete floors and soffits via a threaded screw. APAC’s compression post system is installed without anchors between the concrete floors and soffits for a faster installation process.

Does it meet the safety standard?

Our Compression Post has Hot Dipped Galvanized surface, has a long service life, strictly meet the standard EN13374, Class A, OHSA 1926.502, and can provide 3.0KN compression force for secure mounting of double-height edge protection barriers. Even though our clients come from all over the world, we guarantee that you will have no trouble using our systems for your concrete structure project.

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