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PVC tarpaulin is a high-strength polyester canvas fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride and a variety of chemical additives.It has excellent durability, strength, staying soft at low temperatures and can be used in snow.

Factory Direct PVC Tarpaulins

Our company specializes in providing waterproof PVC tarpaulins to a wide range of customers. With our advanced production equipment and modern scientific management systems, we can produce finished PVC tarpaulins of various specifications, and our products are exported all over the world.

PVC tarpaulin products and applications

PVC tarpaulin has excellent tensile strength and tear strength, smooth surface, waterproof, anticorrosive, flame retardant, UV resistant, mildew resistant, soft, tensile, self-cleaning, and is an ideal covering material for shade tents, truck roofs, membrane structures, and outdoor covers. In construction industry, PVC tarpaulins are used as temporary roof and snow tarps.

what is difference between pe and pvc tarpaulins?

When it refers to PVC material, another material PE will be mentioned too, the two materials are all common in industries. But what are they and? What are the differences between PE and PVC?  How can we distinguish and choose them? let’s read the blog and find the answer.

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