Temporary scaffold roof

Being one of China’s leading temporary scaffold roof suppliers, APAC accepts wholesale orders to help you reduce your expenses. We offer well-crafted aluminium roof enclosure and temporary roof sheeting that manufactured in our own factory.

All of our keder roof products undergo strict quality assurance testing, so we can guarantee that you only receive high-quality products that are free from defects.

Adapted to most keder roof systems

Full-width roof sheeting is made to your specific sizes to accommodate any modular truss bay width and keder diameter. Sheeting of 650 gsm is suitable for heavy-duty load projects and long-term installations.

Fully Bonded Keder

fully keder
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We commit all temporary roof sheeting from APAC to have fully bonded keder. The smoother the keder is, the easier the sheeting is going to be for you to pull this into your roofs. That will also extend the lifespan and save your cost.

Fire retardant DIN 4102 B1

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Heavy-duty reinforced keder sheeting for modular temporary roof systems, with Flame Retardant grades to internationally recognised European and British Standards.

Temporary Roof Scaffolding Specialists

APAC is the China’s leading supplier of temporary scaffold roofs, and we can provide complete temporary roof system solutions. The products have already been successfully shipped to Europe, North America, Australia, and other locations.

Our temporary roof systems are available in a range of spans and bay sizes, making them suitable for small and large projects and ideal for construction sites. 

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