4 effective Measures To Reduce Injuries on the worksite

4 Effective Measures To Reduce Injuries On The Worksite

Pieter Zhang
Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

Did you know that 90% of accidents are caused by unsafe acts? 

Safety on a construction job site doesn’t happen by accident. Every employer is responsible for creating a hazard-free workplace, so the workers don’t get hurt while on the job.

This blog demonstrates – Safety procedures to follow at a Construction Site, Personal Protection, and how to avoid accidents.

Many accidents can happen when you are walking on a site. you can get injured by falling from stairs, opens and edges, hitting by electric shock. Fall of tools or other materials through the openings which may strike the person’s below or damaged equipment. While carrying heavy equipment, getting hit by tools, etc.

How can you avoid accidents?

Think safety, act safely.

For each person on the Jobsite, do remember, your personal safety starts with you. You need to be aware of potential hazards on the worksite, take action to avoid or eliminate them. And you need to report any threats that you saw surrounding you.

The first rule of safety is to wear the correct safety gear while working, which includes the hard hat, safety vest, gloves and shoes, which can protect yourself against biological hazards and chemical hazards.

personal protective equipment for construction

Next, always follow the safety rules and warning signs. Here are some common signs that you will see around your work site.

worksite safety signs and SCAFFOLDING TAGS (1)

Construction work often requires heavy manual lifting. When you carry heavy boxes or materials, your body may be subject to repetitive twisting or flexing motions which can damage your muscles tendons ligaments and nerves, especially in your back. And over time this stress on your body can result in painful musculoskeletal disorders, which may require treatment therapy or worse surgery. Most job sites use forklifts and other equipment to lift and move heavy objects, however, sometimes it’s necessary to move objects by hand in these situations knowing the proper way to lift can help you prevent back injury.

Safe-work practices are a combinative way of learning the routine and habits of behavior. The more work training and practices you do, the safer you are.

Another important component of preventing hazards on the worksite is fall protection. According to OSHA, residential contractors are required to use fall protection on job sites, where someone is working more than six feet off the ground.

The most common fall protection systems include edge protection systems and personal fall arrest systems. Along with other protections like netting and warning lines.

Openings more than one meter shall be closed and provided with guardrails. Guardrails must be between 39 and 45 inches high, have steel mesh panels or comprising of the top rail, mid-rail, toe board and withstand 200 pounds of force personal fall. Additionally, a safety net may be placed over openings to prevent the fall of materials below.

Fall arrest systems must be full-body harnesses. They should be inspected prior to use to ensure the proper fit.

Now let’s talk about how important the health condition of being physically mentally and emotionally.

Taking care of yourself off the job has a big impact on how well you perform on the job. And for some not taking care of themselves can ultimately affect their ability to stay focused and work safely, which could lead to carelessness and on-the-job accidents.

By eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and having a healthy way to handle stress, you’ll feel better during work.

Remember your safety is important, not only for you but also for all those who care about you.  

Keep these principles in mind:

No 1, wear the correct safety gear while working.

No 2, follow the safety operation rules and warning signs.

No 3, use edge protection systems, personal fall arrest systems and safety nets.

No 4, put forth your best effort to be healthy.

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