Safely Walking At Heights This Winter

Safely Walking At Height This Winter

Pieter Zhang
Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.


If you are living in an area where you are facing snowfall, then working at height has higher risks and dangers. Experts advise not to work in such weather. However, there are some cases where you must work on height in winter. 

These situations can be either emergency situation or sometimes you may need to remove snow. At this point, you have to be very careful while working at height. If you do not take care of yourself, you may face tripping, slipping, or other fall hazards.

Safely Walking At Height This Winter

Do you have an idea about what should you do when your fall protection systems are frozen? If not, then you should be aware of some highly risky dangers caused by unseen ice patches. It is important to take safety measures and know the dangers when working at a height in winter. 

If you don’t know anything about winter height working safety measures. If you don’t know about the dangers of working at height during these conditions, then you are at the right place. This blog will introduce you to the three most important tips for working at height during winter. Continue reading to explore them.

Tip 1: Safety Equipment

The first and most important step towards getting on the safe side is using safety equipment. There is much safety equipment used for working at height, but the three most common pieces of equipment are listed below:


✔ Personal Fall Protection

Personal fall protection refers to a system that saves or arrests a person falling from heights. It is composed of belts, connectors, and lanyards. It actually includes a full-body harness that helps to keep a strong grip on the body of a person falling from a height. While the lanyard makes a connection between the harness and the rope.

Note that manufacturers use shock absorbers in these systems to prevent any injury.

Safety Anchor

A safety Anchor is considered a crucial part of fall protection systems. It is manufactured and installed purposefully to support your fall protection systems. When you are wearing a fall protection system, you will connect the lanyard to the safety anchor.

Make sure that the safety anchor is installed correctly and is of the right type.


Safety Net

A safety net is the most common and simplified method that people use as a fall protection system. If you are working at height in winter and suddenly you fall from the height. If there is a safety net installed on the ground, it will catch you & prevent you from hitting the ground. This is how it works.

Selection of the right type of net is important in safety net systems.

Tip 2: Using Temporary Edge Protection System

A temporary edge protection system is another system that will prevent you from falling while working at height in winter. Note that the temporary edge protection systems are installed at the edges of the building where you are working.

Temporary edge protection systems are also used to cover hazardous areas such as chimneys, shafts, elevators, and stairwells to make the site safer. 

It is quite important to install your temporary edge protection systems according to the guidelines of the manufacturers. It is also important to note that your temporary edge protection system should meet the safety standards perfectly. Otherwise, it may be too risky or dangerous to use it.

The earlier you decide to install this system while working on height in winter, the higher the protection will be worked.

The best part about a temporary edge protection system is that you can install it easily without falling into any complexity. You don’t have to dig any large holes or build strong foundations for it. This is something that can save a lot of your labor costs. You can also get a customized temporary edge protection system from a high-quality manufacturer.

Tip 3: Temporary Scaffolding Roof

Temporary roof systems are required to ensure that the job site is safe from harsh weather conditions. Controlling the environment from weather conditions can be achieved for several purposes. However, this is necessary when you are working at a site in winter. There are multiple designs and sizes available in the market, and you can easily choose the one that fits your requirements.

There are multiple types of temporary scaffolding roofs but the Keder roof system is considered the most efficient and reliable one. The Keder roof system is actually a weather protection system for your construction sites. It is a lightweight roof system made from Aluminum material. Basically, it is not only the aluminum that composes the whole Keder roof system.

This roof system is composed of aluminum trusses, PVC tarpaulin, and Keder rails. The final Keder roof system is a durable, tight, and neat product. The Keder roof system is preferred by a large number of manufacturers and suppliers. The aluminum beams help to design this system but note that the design may vary across multiple manufacturers.

The best part about the Keder roof system is that it consists of reusable sheets and helps you create a light working environment. At the same time, it has some disadvantages such as it can be expensive. Moreover, the versatility is lesser than a shrink wrap.


Safety is the most important factor when you are working somewhere. Accidents due to falling from a height are quite common in different countries across the globe. These accidents mostly occur due to a lack of safety measures or weather conditions. An unsafe work environment not only puts your life in danger but also exploits the reputation of an organization.

To have a safe working site and a highly reputable organization, you need to install fall protection systems. There are many ways to prevent falling from heights. But the most common ones have already been explained above. If you are looking for one for yourself, you should look for a reliable manufacturer. APAC manufacturers can help you get your perfect fall protection system.