scaffold joint pin

Scaffold Joint Pin

A scaffold joint pin is a component used in scaffolding systems to join two scaffold tubes end-to-end. It typically fits inside the tubes to ensure a secure connection and maintain alignment, providing structural stability and safety. Scaffold joint pins are often used in conjunction with other scaffolding components like clamps, boards, and braces to create a stable work platform for construction, maintenance, or other tasks at height.

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types of Scaffold Joint Pins

There are several types of scaffold joint pins, each designed for specific purposes and scaffold systems.

scaffold joint pin type 2

joint pin coupler

  • Surface treatment: pre-galvanized
  • Size: 36 * 1. 5* 225 mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm,1.6mm
scaffold joint pin type 1

scaffolding joints

  • Grade: Q195,Q235
  • Surface: pre-galvanized
  • Standard according to EN74, BS1139, AS1576
pressed inner joint pin

Pressed joint pin

  • Sizes: 36*2*210mm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Material: Q235 / Q345
  • Surface: HDG, Galvanized
scaffolding fittings 48.3mm inner tube joint bin

Inner Joint Pin

  • Material: Q235 carbon steel
  • Nut: 21mm,22mm,23mm
  • T-bolt: 80mm, 89mm

Superior Scaffold Joint Pins: Durable, Customizable, and Efficient

factory price steel frame scaffolding part accessories joint pin coupler

Our scaffold joint pins are manufactured from high-quality steel tubes, ensuring exceptional durability and load-bearing capacity. With advanced galvanizing controls, these pins offer superior corrosion resistance, significantly extending their lifespan and minimizing maintenance requirements. The hot dip galvanized surface treatment ensures a smooth, burr-free finish, enhancing safety during handling and assembly. The high hardness of these pins, coupled with a specialized treatment process, makes them highly resistant to deformation, ensuring they can be used repeatedly without compromising structural integrity.

In addition to their robust construction, our scaffold joint pins are customizable to meet specific project needs. We offer product customization services, allowing the pins to be processed according to precise drawings. This ensures an optimal fit for any scaffolding setup, enhancing overall performance and safety. These features collectively improve work efficiency and provide a reliable, long-lasting solution for various scaffolding applications, making our scaffold joint pins an excellent choice for professionals in the construction and maintenance industries.

Scaffolding Pipe Inner Joint Pin Frame Scaffolding Connector

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