Scaffold Screw Base Jacks

Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks

The Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks are used as the starting bases for scaffolding. It can be adjusted in height to compensate for uneven surfaces so that the scaffold is always at a level.

APAC is a manufacturer and supplier of Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks in China. Our Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks are perfect fit your different scaffolding systems, such as Ringlock Scaffold, Cuplock Scaffold, Kwikstage Scaffold, Shoring Scaffolding and tubing & Fitting Scaffold.

APAC’s Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks meet the loading capacity requirements of EN 12810 , AS 1576.2 and ANSI/SSFI standards.

Excellent Load-bearing Capacity Scaffold Base Jacks

APAC only offers high quality screw jacks , we strictly control every process of Adjustable Scaffold Base Jacks production , from raw material testing, welding quality to safe load capacity.


Ultimate Failure Laoding 130kN tested according to AS 1576.2


Max Laoding 39,770LBS (180kN) tested according to ANSI/SSFI SC100-5/05

At APAC you will not only find standardized adjustable scaffold base jacks, but also customized scaffold screw jacks to suit your specific requirement.

We manufactures adjustable scaffold base jacks with thread diameters from OD. 34mm to OD. 60mm to work with different scaffolding systems.

The adjustable scaffold base jacks with a OD.38mm thread diameter is the most popular scaffold screw jack. It is suitable for most scaffolding systems, especially ringlock scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding.

The solid adjustable scaffold base jacks with a OD. 36mm thread diameter is mostly used for OD. 48MM scaffold vertical standard in the kwikstage scaffolding system for Australia Market.

The adjustable scaffold base jack with a OD. 48mm thread diameter have been selected as the scaffold foot in OD.60mm verticals for shoring frame scaffolding systems.

We also manufacture OD.60mm adjustable scaffold base jacks for heavy duty aluminium support frame systems.

APAC’s scaffolding screw jacks are available in electro-galvanized (zinc plated) or hot-dip galvanized finishes to suit different project budgets as well as durability requirements.

Tell us your requirements for adjustable scaffold base jacks and get consistently competitive prices from APAC.

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