APAC Brick Guards Eliminate Hazards on Scaffold Sites

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Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.

In the construction industry, hazard is everywhere. so a safe work system of work is very necessary. For scaffolding systems, the brick guards can prevent objects from falling from the working platforms.

APAC has created a revolutionary all-in-one brick guard design for the construction and scaffolding industry. APAC’s Brick Guards products are rigorously tested in all our processes to ensure their superior quality and leadership in the market.

The brick guards have many advantages as well as distinct characteristics.


APAC one-piece Brick Guards are compatible with all popular system scaffolds, this includes Layher, Plettac, and Peri ring system scaffolds, Haki and Cuplock system scaffolds, as well as pipe scaffolds.

Unique design

APAC one-piece Brick Guards can be made in any color and are uniquely manufactured with the customer’s logo and branding.


APAC one-piece Brick Guards is a Brick Guards product with integrated hooks and skirting board connectors. When Brick Guards are installed on scaffolding, there is no need for additional hooks.

brick guards
brick guards

Stability and safety

The unique design of the Brick Guards handle provides a strong, durable and secure connection to the handrail and can be used with diameters between 30 mm (Haki, Plettac, Premium Guardrail), 48 mm (traditional tubular guardrail), and Peri 60 mm rectangular ledgers.

brick guards details


Compared to other Brick Guards products, our one-piece Brick Guards offer extra stability in tough conditions and unrivaled performance in strong winds. This is achieved through a unique hook design, coupled with the increased length of the two toe plate connectors for an increased overlap fit. (This includes a 150mm system toe plate and a 225mm timber toe plate).

Reduced transport costs

Thanks to the unique design of the APAC one-piece Brick Guards, the product can be stacked with up to 200 units on a 1m x 1m pallet space, and a 20′ container can fit 2000 units. This results in significant savings in logistics costs and loading areas during transport.


APAC’s one-piece brick guards comply with BS EN 12811-1 on all major scaffolding systems and offer unparalleled performance.

If you are looking for metal brick guards, you can check APAC edge protection system, we have a special design for the scaffolding system with our steel mesh barrier.


APAC is a professional supplier for working at height safety, no matter whether you are looking for a related product for your fall protection system or a solution for your height safety workplace, APAC is your 1st choice. Any requirements or more information, please contact the APAC team without hesitation.